Bold City Brewery Celebrates Second Anniversary

10 Oct

On a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon what could be better than coming together with several hundred beer lovers to celebrate the second anniversary of one of the best local breweries in Jacksonville? My opinion, not a darn thing! The fine folks who run Bold City Brewery did just that and threw a great party!
Bold City Breweries Second
Anniversary Party
And, everyone knows that when there is a great party there has to be good friends and good drink! Again, Bold City pulled out the stops — literally — on great beer. Brian, Bold City’s brewmaster and owner, tapped a couple of very specail kegs. He has had Duke’s Brown Ale and Mad Manatee agin in Maker’s Mark bareels for several months. And, as if that was not enough, he threw in some cherry wood to boot!
The result were exceptionally smooth brews with notes of smokey Maker’s Mark whiskey and tart cherry. Cold and refreshing, these beers went down easy and packed a bit of a wollop. These special anniversary brews proved extremely popular and the barrels ran dry just a few hours after they were tapped. A pity because they were so great I would drink them on a regular basis (tried to get Brian to let me have a growler full to no avail.).
Brew Crew Member
Eric Wisdom
The party drew beer lovers from far and wide. My little group carried on a conversation with a couple who had made the trek from King’s Bay. There were local beer luminaries like Ed Stansel from the Times-Union and beer blog Amber Waves and Steve Rushe from beer blog My group consisted of members of the Springfield Brew Crew – Joe Cobb, Jason Piechowiak, Jim and Sharon Frye, and my brother, Eric Wisdom — who will soon be adding to this blog, regalling us with stories of his travels all around the world and the beer he drinks.

Yes, Bold City through quite a party. They served awesome beer and a good time was had by all. With the number of people who where there, it is apparent the Jacksonville is primed and thirsty for good craft beers. Bold CIty delivers on that count.

Brian Miller Brewmaster
Steve Rushe of

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