Drunken Traveler Down Under

18 Jan

Drunken Traveler here

Now reporting from Down Under in the City of Melbourne, Australia.

Australia is known for a few thing, beautiful women, the Great Barrier Reef, and beer.

I have now visited Australia several time, each time is a joy.

Melbourne is a beautiful city, in the most southern tip in the state of Victoria. The people here are more friendly than I have experienced anywhere else.

First things first. I have never seen an oil can of Fosters here, ever.

Their national beer is Victoria Bitters, or VB. It is a full flavored but not a bitter at all. It is a lager, with full flavor served extremely cold and will quench any beer thirst you may have. Famously called, “stubbies” as the traditional 375 brown bottle it’s served in is a short, fat-looking bottle. Other servlets are “tinny” (375 mL aluminum can), the 750 mL bottle known variously as “Long Necks”, “Tall boys” or “King Browns,” and the 250 mL bottle known as “Twisties”, “Throw-downs” or “Throwies,” and “Grenades”. Of course, VB also comes on draught in almost every local pub in Australia.

VB Is the Budweiser of Australia, but Bud only wishes it has this much flavor. Brewed by the Carlton & United Beverages Breweries, which is Now Owned by the Fosters Group.

A few words on beer related items down here.

A pint is still a pint, but a pitcher is a jug. A small beer (why bother) is called a pot, and a case is a slab.

One of my favorite beers down here is Cascade. It is actually brewed in Tasmania, which is an Australia territory so yes, it is still Australian beer. It’s is very clean crisp lager, great amount of bitterness and citrus finish. Brewed in Hobart at Cascade Brewery is Australia’s oldest beer. It has changed hands several times and has experienced sales drops each time a new owner has purchased it. But, has become one of the staple beers and well deserving of a great national beer.

I have more beer to drink and hunt down a brewery or 2 on the way.



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