Hot Beer Flavors for Cinco de Mayo

05 May


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So, as a friend put it this morning, “Happy historic event [day that] we have no idea about so we drink foreign beer day!” Ah, my friend Violet is a poet. That aside. there are a couple of interesting brews being poured today around town to quench your thirst for adventurous brews.

Bold City Brewery is pouring a version of their popular Killer Whale Cream Ale that has been infused with Key Lime today. Sounds interestingly like a slice of key lime pie that you can drink. And I am all for drinking my foods!

Engine 15, out at the beaches, is serving $3 Presidente’s all day. But, if you want to get really adventurous you can have the same beer run the a Randall (a device that infuses flavors into beer) that is stuffed with chili peppers and hops for $5 a pint. That should pack a wallop!

And don’t forget that tonight is Ladies’ Night at Intuition Ale Works. Ladies get $1 off of pints tonight and $1 from every pint sold to anyone the entire night goes to Community Connections, an organization that believes every child deserves to have a loving start in life with parents who know how to care for them, safe places where they can play and learn, and a decent place to live. Sadly, many families in Jacksonville are homeless or don’t have access to quality childcare, after school programs and summer programs. Community Connections provides that connection so families can grow stronger every day. For more information, visit

Of course, there are the traditional Cinco de Mayo brews Dos Equis and Corona that many of you will head out for this evening, too. Whatever beer you choose to celebrate the day with, drink responsibly and be safe.


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