Buzz Kill

02 Jun

So, you like to drink a few beers sitting out on the back porch on a warm summer’s evening, but those pesky mosquitoes are so bad you feel like a roadside bar for the insect world. Well, it could be because you are drinking a beer that you are so attractive to the buzzing menaces.

According to a University of Florida research project:

“Mosquitoes are more attracted to people after they drink a 12-ounce beer. It could be that people breathe a little harder after a cold one or their skin is a little warmer”

What’s a beer lover to do? You could drink indoors, or in a screened porch. Perhaps heading to the local Mega Mart store and stocking up on Off would work. Or, maybe you could just not drink beer. NAW! That’s not an option!

My thoughts, lather on the Skin So Soft, light the citronella candles, spray the Yard Guard, then sit down to a couple of cold ones on the patio. There ain’t no stinkin’ bug gonna stop me from my brewskis!

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Posted by on June 2, 2011 in Beer


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