Beerfest – The Movie, Lowbrow Humor, but Plenty Fun

12 Oct

Yesterday I was driving to a doctor appointment and was a bit early. I decided to kill a few minutes browsing the used Blu Ray discs at Movie Stop. I had a vague idea that I wanted something with action, but not too serious. I settled on a favorite that I had not seen in quite a while; the Unrated/Uncut version of Broken Lizard’s Beerfest. I know, I know. Go figure, a beer guy like me watching a movie about beer, drinking beer, and beer Olympics. What can I say, I like it.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t ruin it for you by giving away the jokes. What I will say is that it works as a parody of every sports movie you have ever seen where the underdog has to train to try and beat a much stronger, much more experienced foe. There are scenes of our heroes being humiliated by the villain early in the movie, scenes of training in the middle, and scenes of competition against the mean ol’ bad guys in the end. Typically formulaic.

It’s the fun of how the movie is presented that makes it a success. Sure there are tasteless scenes, but even those are funny. It’s not highbrow, think about it comedy. This is gutter comedy about a bunch of guys reliving their college glory days of drinking and trying to win the respect of their German cousins at a drinking competition. And unapologetically so.

The Blu Ray comes with several nifty extras like an animated History of Beer featurette, that was semi-amusing, but inaccurate on several points.

This is probably not the movie you want to watch while sipping tea with mom on a Sunday afternoon, but if you are swilling some good brew on a Friday or Saturday night with your buds, pop this in the Blu Ray player and play along.

***WARNING: I do not endorse irresponsible or over-drinking. The above article is merely for informational and entertainment purposes. I except no responsibility for any damages incurred should you decide to make a drinking game of the movie. Always use a designated driver if you are drinking.***

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