Bold City Brewery Celebrates Third Anniversary

17 Oct

About four years ago I started hearing rumblings about a new brewery coming to Jacksonville. No, it wasn’t one of the big boys, it was a small, locally-owned operation run by a mother and son team. Sporadic reports of the brewery circulated via various media outlets and I became more and more intrigued.

Craft brew was practically unheard of in Jacksonville at that time. But, oh how things have changed. Saturday marked Bold City Brewery’s third anniversary with a huge party and strong support from the community. In the three years since Bold City set up shop, there has been a true explosion in Jacksonville’s craft beer scene. Fans of good beer everywhere in our city have Brian and Susan Miller to thank as pioneers.

It is a testament to the growing popularity of craft brew in Jacksonville that this anniversary was so well attended. Cars were parked from McDuff to King Street along Roselle. The crowd spilled out of the brewery and into the parking lot of the brewery with very little space in between revelers. It was, in a word, epic.

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