Scary Brews to Try For Halloween

31 Oct

alloween is upon us and spooks will soon be ringing doorbells and shouting “Trick or treat!” But, adults can have a few treats on this spooky day, too. After the little monsters a safely tucked away in their sugar comas tonight, break out one of the brews with frightening names I have listed below as you watch a good scary movie.

Unibroue Maudite is a Belgian-style strong ale named for eight lumberjacks who sold their souls to the devil. Legend has it that the lumberjacks wanted to see their sweethearts for Christmas during a particularly cold and snowy winter, but they had to be back in the morning to work. So, they made a pact with the Satan to fly them home in a canoe. Half-way home though, one of the eight thought better of the pact and renounced it. At that moment, the canoe plunged to the ground killing all eight men. Maudite if the Quebecois word for “damned.”

The beer features a well-carbonated pour and displays dark copper color and generous head. As is common in Belgian-style strongs, this beer smells of clove, and a hint of banana with dark fruits and pepper. The taste is dark fruits, strong spice and medium bitterness.

Swamp Ape IPA takes its name from the Florida legend of the skunk ape. A variation of the Bigfoot legend this ape supposedly stalks the swamps of Florida and is known for its unpleasant odor. One of the most infamous stories is of a woman claims the creature came to her backyard three consecutive evenings in the early 2000’s to take apples from a basket on her back porch. By the time the police got there the monster was gone.

Swamp Ape the beer from Florida Brewing is a double IPA that pours a deep honey color with think head. The smell is slightly citrus with earthy notes and a strong caramel malt presence. The flavor is sweet with toffee or slightly burnt sugar and very strong alcohol; hops are faint with light citrus.

St. Thomas Aquinas referred to the Leviathan as the demon of envy who punished those who partook of that sin. It is also referred to in Anglo-Saxon art as the Hellmouth, a monster who swallows the damned at Last Judgment.

Harpoon’s Leviathan Imperial IPA is a full-bodied brew that is heavily hopped and will definitely make itself known on your palate. It is copper gold on the pour and retains a moderate lacing of foam. Aromas of strong, spicy hops, apricots and peach, and a strong malt backbone. Strong hops are present in the taste as well as orange, grapefruit and malty breadiness.

One of the breweries I visited in Belgium earlier this year was Het Anker brewery is famous for its Gouden Carolous beer. But, it also produces a brew named Lucifer. Interestingly enough, the name Lucifer was not originally associated with Satan. In Latin the word means “light bearer.” However, by the third century A.D. the word became associated with the Devil through a particular passage in the Book of Isaiah. The story recounts the fall king of Babylon who said he would place himself on a throne “…above the stars of God.”

Het Anker Lucifer the beer is a true strong Belgian ale that pours a hazy golden yellow with appropriate white head. It smells of yeast and light malt and a touch of lemon. The flavor presents nice lemony zest, pale malts, and light fruits.

In the world of witchcraft a hex is an evil spell used to punish someone for an offense to the witch. Hex can also refer to folk magic signs or symbols that are painted on walls, barns, and even cradles to protect them from fire and natural disasters, magical attack, illness, and more.

Magic Hat Brewing Company Hex, is a cloudy, dark orange beer with aroma of caramel sweetness and faint earthiness. The flavor is sweet malts and slight spice of pepper and pine hops.

So, tonight as you are relaxing after the onslaught of ghouls, pour one of these fine brews. But, be careful and drink responsibly or the spirits will get you!

Until next time,

Long Live the Brewers!


Marc Wisdom

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