Our Little Brewery is All Grown Up; Intuition Ale Works is One-Year-Old

14 Nov

It seems like only yesterday that Intuition Ale Works opened its doors with only a few Intuition brews and a host of guest brews. But, what a difference a year makes. Not only has the Riverside/Avondale brewery flourished, but it has had to upgrade a few times to meet the demand. In the past year the Tap Room has gone from 12 taps to 20 – most of which are occupied by Intuition brews and the remaining taps should see new brews soon.

The outside Brewery Bar became host to countless events and gatherings. Events such as the St. Patrick’s Day party and Oktoberfest drew huge crowds of revelers. There were Bar-b-q’s, cornhole tournaments, fund-raisers, birthdays, coming home parties, beer dinners, and brewing demonstrations.

Inside the Tap Room a loyal group of regulars staked their claim to “The Corner” and can be found nearly every day between 3:00 and 6:00 quaffing beer and exchanging barbs.

Mug Club membership became a very hot commodity the waiting list growing to over 300 eager beer lovers seeking a coveted mug. Over the summer there was a hotly contended contest to find the most loyal non-Mug Club patron; the winner received a membership into the Mug Club.

From its humble beginnings with just a few brews on offer, Intuition has grown to have an ever-changing portfolio of brews. Favorites such as People’s Pale Ale, King Street Stout, and I-10 IPA have been joined by Golden Spiral, Mercury’s Wings, Guitjo, Double Elimination, and the legendary Honey Badger Saison, which has taken on a cult-like life of its own (honey badger don’t care).

This week Intuition marks its first year of serving cold brew to its adoring fans. And, in true Intuition style, an entire week of activities are planned to celebrate. Below are what you can expect this week.


For the adventurous who want to try all the brews Intuition has on offer – and right now that is 20 – pick up a Beer Passport and enjoy 7-ounce pours of all their brews. Every time you drink a beer you will get a stamp for your passport. Drink all 20 brews over the course of the week and you will receive a voucher for a free one gallon growler fill and be entered to win a $100 Tap Room tab.


Beer is not just for drinking anymore! Chefs in Belgium have known for years that beer is just as good to cook with as wine or any other alcoholic beverage. While I was in Belgium last year I had a delicious braised beef dish made with a Belgian Strong Ale. Tuesday night you can join two of Jacksonville’s best chefs as they teach you how to cook with beer.

Chef Brian Siebenschuh from Restaurant Orsay and Chef Scotty Schwartz from 29 South will each be preparing two dishes using Intuition Ale brews. Tickets are $30 each and include tastings of all four dishes and beer samples paired with each dish.

Space is extremely limited so purchase your tickets ASAP by visiting the following link:


Attention Mug Club members! If you have not renewed your Mug Club membership for the next year, you had better get to the Tap Room and do it before Thursday when anyone on the waiting list can snap up your non-renewed membership. This is sure to cause a feeding frenzy and possibly campouts in the parking lot Wednesday night.

If you are on the waiting list, Thursday is your chance to snap up a membership. My advice, don’t wait, get there early and get your membership – with a list that grew to over 300 hundred waiting, you do not want to risk missing out again.

To get on the waiting list visit the tap room or email


Another big blow-out of a party will be on tap for Saturday. All twenty taps will be full for the first time and Brewers Ben and Andrew are cooking up some exciting and interesting casks.

There will be a Food Truck Food Court in the courtyard, so come hungry! Confirmed vendors include: Corner Taco, Monroe’s-On-The-Go, SunKissed Dogs and John’s Grab N Go.

Also, if there are any, remaining Mug Club memberships will become available to the general public.

Finally, Intuition is starting a tradition of an Intuition Ale Works class picture. At 5:00 PM everyone will line up and have a group photo taken to commemorate this auspicious occasion. If you wear your Intuition Ale Works T-shirt, you will get in the photo and get a free pint of brew!

With so many good things going on at Intuition, it is hard to get bored in and around the place. Bartenders Lindsay, Hannah, Robin, and Brian keep things lively and the beer flowing while Brewers Ben and Andrew keep the beer brewing. And, behind the scenes keeping things moving is Business Manager Cari. If ever there was a brewing dream team, this would be it.

Happy birthday Intuition, may your mug always be full!

Long Live the Brewers!


Marc Wisdom


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One response to “Our Little Brewery is All Grown Up; Intuition Ale Works is One-Year-Old

  1. Jon Ewing

    November 14, 2011 at 12:00 PM

    Woohoo! What’s up Corner Crew? \m/



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