New Beer Gives Back to Patriots

29 Dec

Patriotism runs deep in the American consciousness. You see it everywhere with flags hanging outside of people’s homes, bumper stickers on cars espousing the driver’s pride at being an Army mom or dad, military aircraft fly-overs at the opening of football games, and joyous reunions of troops returning home shown on the evening news. We are a country that understands the sacrifices our troops make and we show our gratitude and patriotism freely and often. Now a Minnesota brewing company is making it easier to help support our troops and their families by donating 50% of their profits directly to programs that benefit military families.

Founding Fathers launched with an American-brewed lager in November with an eye to “rival the Budweisers of the world AND donate half of its profits to military troops and their families.” According to a Press Release from the company, “The largest breweries in America are now foreign-owned and Founding Fathers is not only owned and brewed in America – half of our profits will go to those serving in our armed forces and their families,” said Phil Knutsen, founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to be introducing a new beer choice to Americans that will both taste great and compete with the major national brands.”

Not only does the company have aggressive plans to take on the national brands it also has an aggressive growth and distribution scheme. Within the next few months Founding Fathers plans to distribute to eight states including Florida.

In the near future Founding Fathers will add a light beer and in the summer of 2012 they plan to add a premium line of brews. Descriptions from the company’s website of the lager and light beer state:

“Founding Fathers Lager is a full-bodied American Lager with rich amber color. A combination of both two and six row barley, a blend of three classic American hops from the Pacific Northwest, and a touch of roasted caramel malt will make this the new American favorite.”


“Founding Fathers Light is a blend of two and six-row malt. Its golden color is complimented by a light-bodied flavor with a slight carbonation for a crisp satisfying finish.”

Founding Fathers will partner with local military organizations in each state as it expands distribution across the country. In Minnesota, profits from Founding Fathers Beer will be administered through non-profit organizations Tee it up for the Troops and the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. Nationally, beer profits will be donated to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

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