Lucky Town Brewery Update

06 Mar

A few weeks ago I posted an article about an ambitious brewery in Mississippi that was trying to raise funds to get off the ground. In a press release received today, the brewery provides an update on their efforts.



Jackson, MS, USA – If everything goes their way, on March 12, 2012 Lucas
Simmons, Chip Jones, Brandon Blacklidge & Angela Aiello will have the
budget to begin to make their dream a reality. The group is attempting to
make history in Mississippi by relying on supporters who believe in their
project to fund a portion of their start-up brewery via the popular
crowdfunding website With over ten years of combined
brewing experience these entrepreneurs are confident that they have the
business sense to not just reach for their dream but to make it a success.

Driven by an extreme passion for both innovation and beer, Lucas took what
was once just a dream and decided to create a beer that would not only
challenge state laws but also broaden the perception of beer in
Mississippi. For eight years, he brewed beers of many different styles as
a hobby, and with each batch his passion and interest grew. Eventually, he
would be convinced that this beer should be available to those patrons who
also appreciate the finer beers of the world. With just one brewery in
Mississippi, there are a lot of thirsty customers who would love more
local options.

Lucky Town Brewing Company was founded on this very notion – to craft
beers that break boundaries between the working men and women of
Mississippi and their wish for locally produced premium beer. With that
mission, Lucas, Chip, Brandon and Angela decided to grant those wishes by
sharing their passion for crafting beer. Not only will they become just
the second brewery in Mississippi, Lucky Town will also be the only
brewery located in the Jackson area, the state’s capital and largest
metropolitan area. Having brewed two award winning beers so far their
chance for success is promising to say the least.

According to the website, “ is a new way to fund creative
ideas and ambitious endeavors … [and] is powered by a unique
all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no
money changes hands.” The four locals clearly took the site’s mantra to
heart, launching an ambitious campaign seeking $20,000 in just 60 days.
Lucky Town will use this funding to cover some of the startup costs
associated with a brewery including licenses, insurance and equipment.
However, the way Kickstarter works is that unless they raise the full
amount by the deadline, no money changes hands. As of today, they have 182
backers and raised almost $15,000! The great thing about Kickstarter is
that when you make a pledge, you are not only receiving the good feeling
of knowing you’re supporting something you believe in, but you can also
earn rewards. For just $25, your name will go on the wall of the brewery
as one of the founding members and you will receive a couple koozies and
stickers, or get a tank in the brewery named after you with a $2,000
pledge (and of course there are options in between as well). Visit to watch their video and learn more about this
ambitious endeavor.

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One response to “Lucky Town Brewery Update

  1. David Ivey

    March 6, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    Hope that they make it! I’ve been to Jackson and they need a good brewery — they really do. As you point out, it ‘s unique to ‘kickstart” a company this way. Cheers!

    David Ivey
    Black Bucket Brew Inbox Magazine Editor



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