Jax Beer Week Off to a Rollicking Start

03 Apr

A lively and raucous gathered at Kickback’s last night to get Jacksonville Beer Week underway. Congregated around the tables of the beer wonderland where luminaries from many of the local breweries including Ben Davis of Intuition Ale Works, and Eric Luman of Green Room Brewing. Presiding over all was the omnipresent and always gracious Steve Flores, owner of Kickback’s.

Beers were drank, stories were told, and friends kept pouring in. It was one of the nights were brewery staff and brewery fans sat as equals and celebrated the Jacksonville’s good fortune to have such a vibrant and exciting beer scene. All of my favorite bartenders from Intuition were there; Lindsey, Hannah, Robin, and Tap Room manager Brian. Also from Intuition were brewer Andrew and business manager Cari. From Green Room, I briefly spoke with Bar Manager Jason, and the before mentioned brewer and owner, Eric.

The favored beer of the night was a craftily tucked away keg of Intuition Underdark. This delicious creation was first introduced for the first anniversary party or Intuition, but Steve – astute as he is – hid a keg away for a rainy day or exuberant Jax Beer Week crowd. The brew is nearly jet black with a wonderful brown head redolent with caramel, coffee, and bourbon aromas. The mouthfeel is thick and smooth as silk, flavored with roasty malts, coffee, chocolate, and bourbon. The brew is a rare treat that was perfectly appropriate for the celebration.

Jax Brew Week is definitely off to a good start and with at least a dozen more events before the close of the week, there is no reason you cannot get out and enjoy at least one. Now, go forth and enjoy good local beer!


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