Intuition Looking to Expand to Two Locations

21 May

Over the weekend an interesting story broke regarding Intuition Ale Works. You may have missed it, though, since it was buried on page six of the second section of the Times-Union. According to Roger Bull’s story, Intuition Ale Works is actively looking for a second location at which to brew its outstanding beers. This is a situation that has been rumored and discussed among patrons and distributors, but this is the first confirmed word from and brewer Ben Davis.

Rapid growth and high demand of the brewery’s beers has put owner Davis in an enviable situation, one in which he foresees the rapid outgrowth of the current location on King Street in Riverside/Avondale.  Davis does not plan to close the current brewery and Tap Room; instead his plan is to open a second facility complete with its own Tap Room as well.

From the first week Intuition began canning its flagship brews – People’ Pale Ale, I-10 IPA, and Jon Boat West Coast Ale – it became apparent that keeping up with demand was going to be a difficult task. An introductory tasting at Total Wine in the St. John’s Town Center was a testament to the popularity of the brews. In just three days on the shelves, the store had already sold in excess of 50 cases of Intuition brews.

Brewing operations at the King Street brewery are at full capacity. And with the recent addition of another brewer, bringing the count to three, means that they can brew more batches per day. But, the process is time consuming. A single batch from mash tun to fermentation tank can tank anywhere from four to six hours depending on the type of beer being made. And, since Intuition only has one, 10 barrel brew house, their capacity for beer that can be brewed in a day is limited.

Davis says he is looking in the downtown area for a new location and has already investigated both Brooklyn and Springfield. He estimates the project will require an investment of about $2 million dollars depending on whether he builds a new facility or uses an existing building. Regardless of which way he decides to go, no one can argue with the fact that in less than two years, this business has grown tremendously.


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2 responses to “Intuition Looking to Expand to Two Locations

  1. Aubrey

    May 21, 2012 at 9:15 PM

    You’re supposed to read the entire Times-Union cover to cover.



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