Beery Treats for Your Best Friend

05 Jun

Beer is a social beverage. Sure, there are those who prefer to drink alone, but for most sharing a beer after work or on the weekend with friends is a ritual they cherish. And now, even if your friends are not available for a night at the local brew pub, you can still share a brew with your best friend – sort of.

Baking Under the Influence, or BUI to the hip and in-the-know, just announced today that is is offering freshly baked dog treats made from the spent grain of Intuition Ale Works. Baking Under the Influence is a local business that bakes a variety of goods including cup cakes with beer or other alcoholic beverages as an ingredient.  The dog treats are made from a recipe with are made from the spent grain, peanut butter, flour, bananas, and eggs. Hops are definitely not in the treats as they are toxic to dogs.

Violet Olds-Skinner, co-owner of BUI, said, “We made them because I always thought it’d be fun to do something for the dogs knowing that the spent grain is usable and good for them…  Making dog treats is something I’ve always wanted to do and what better way to do it than with the beer byproduct!”

OldS-Skinner says that she plans to sell the treats at the King Street Farmers market beginning tomorrow, June 6. The treat will also be available at Park Street Paws later and perhaps even at the brewery. If the treats catch on, BUI would like to create versions from the spent grains at the other breweries in the area. Named for Olds-Skinner’s rescue dog, Clementine, the treats have been tested and approved by their namesake.

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