Surprisingly refreshing beer cocktails

10 Jul

This is a black and tan made with Guinness (dr...

This is a black and tan made with Guinness (draught nitro can) and Bass Ale (bottled). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Though beer cocktails have been around for a long time, new combinations and flavors are becoming all the rage in the cocktail-drinking world. Sure, you can still find your typical Black & Tan made with a combination of a stout and a lighter ale (Guinness and Bass Ale work spectacularly), the Snake Bite made with stout and hard cider (Guinness and Strongbow), or the Black Velvet made of stout and Champaign (Guinness and Perrier-Jouët is expensive, but oh so worth it). But, in the new age of craft beer, there are many more tasty combinations to try, some of them twists on old favorites.

One particularly refreshing beer cocktail is the shandy. A shandy is a British concoction of equal parts beer and lemonade. At the Heavy Seas Alehouse in Baltimore bartenders mix together Heavy Seas Classic Lager, homemade pomegranate lemonade, a sprig of fresh rosemary to create the Sea Shandy. Other variations of this summer refresher include the blueberry infused Blue Brew Shandy and the watermelon flavored Lemon Melon Lager.

One would not expect it, but the Germans enjoy mixing their beers with other ingredients to create unusual and refreshing flavors. One such mixture is the Diesel; half lager and half cola. Served very cold this cocktail is remarkably refreshing and the cola sweetness and fizz adds a welcome kick.  This drink is also very popular in Japan.

In New York City, Dutch restaurant and bar Vandaag creates the CB3 Sour from Rodenbach sour cherry ale, rye whiskey, lemon juice, orange juice and housemade grenadine. This variation on the whisky sour is a hit and has regulars returning again and again.

More and more bartenders are discovering the pleasures and versatility of using beer as a cocktail ingredient. As the trend continues consumers come out the winner with greater variety and new exciting drinks to imbibe.

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One response to “Surprisingly refreshing beer cocktails

  1. Lana Carlson

    July 13, 2012 at 11:48 PM

    While still involving two beers, the Black Castle (Guinness & Newcastle) is the unsung hero of beer mixtures! Also at Island Girl Atlantic Beach I discovered the Purple Monkey – Abita Purple Haze and Victory Golden Monkey.



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