Bubba Burger Grill breaks loose some unbelievable beer specials

19 Jul

Summertime is typically when you find backyard grills lit and burgers sizzling away over the flames. The guys are sitting around the grill laughing and sharing cold beers out of a cooler chock full of ice. Inside mom is busily slicing tomatoes, rinsing lettuce, and preparing coleslaw or potato salad. That romantic image is what the makers of grills and barbecue condiments around the world want you to have. It sells an ideal summer to the gullible masses. The reality of a backyard cookout is more often than not, a dirty grill that must be scraped before it is useable, oppressive heat that causes sweat to roll down your face and into your eyes, billows of choking smoke blowing into your face, and voracious bugs biting and stinging the grumpy fellow with the spatula.

The Bubba Burger Grill restaurant at Baymeadows Road and the east 295 Beltway wants to take you away from all that aggravation and end make getting a great burger and ice cold beer a little easier on you and your wallet. Starting tomorrow you can roll on over in the air-conditioned comfort of your car and enjoy special prices on food and drink.

And when they say specials on drinks, they really mean it. With a new emphasis on local and craft beers, the great folks over at Bubba Burger Grill Baymeadows are offering pitchers – that’s right pitchers – of craft beer for only $7! To make it even better, they are now serving Intuition Ale Works brews. They are also offering all bottled brews for the astounding price of just $2! And, for those you prefer a little tequila with their burgers; pitchers of margaritas are only $6.

You may know the name Bubba Burger from the frozen hamburger patties of the same name in the freezers at your grocery store. Bubba Burger Grill is a division of the same company and do the cooking for you with awesome specialties burgers and sides like the Chuckwagon, the Hellfire Bubba, and parmesan truffle fries. And, if you are feeling particularly adventurous, try the Bubba Dippers; thick cut, hickory smoked bacon strips fried to perfection served with Bubba Burger Grill’s proprietary Maple Mallow dipping sauce. It sounds absurd, but the sweetness of the sauce and salty smokiness of the bacon is a match made in heaven.

The drink specials begin tomorrow, July 20 at the Baymeadows Bubba Burger Grill location only. Hours are 10:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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