A lot is brewing at SweetWater Brewing in Atlanta

09 Apr

SweetWater Logo JPGThere’s always something interesting going on around the SweetWater brewery in Atlanta, Ga. And right now is no exception. A recent press release from the Peach State details plenty of activities at the brewery and in the city at large. This time around there is information about their new brewhouse, their annual 420 Fest, a funky new beer, and the first time 12 bottles of their IPA get to hang out in a box together.

Back in March of last year SweetWater opened its new production facility that took the brewery from approximately 100,000 barrels a day production to nearly 500,000. More recently Freddy Bensch, the brewery’s outspoken owner, proudly unveiled a brand new brewhouse that tops off the $19 million, two-year-long expansion project. But, its not just any brewhouse, this is a 250 barrel beauty that is now producing most of the company’s beers.

Another big thing brewing around the SweetWater offices is the brewery’s 420 Festival. Candler Park plays host to the annual party that features music, art, educational opportunities, and lots of beer. Top musical acts such as Black Joe Lewis & The Honey Bears, Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk , and the imitable George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. Add in the Sweetwater Experience, a lively tasting of over 20 different style of beer and along with guest speakers that will enlighten guests with stories of beer and you have a great time. SweetWater’s 420 Fest takes place April 19-21 and is sure to be spoken of in hushed tones for months to come.

Remember that new brewhouse from a couple of paragraphs ago? Well, the first brew to issue forth from it is the next in the Dank Tank series. This time the wizards of the SweetWater brew crew have produced a whopper of a Black Double IPA. called Some Strange. Word has it that the brew clocks in with a monstrous 10% ABV and a potfull of IBUs. Watch for more details on this limited release brew over the next few weeks.

Sadly, with the word of a new brew comes the news that another is being retired. Exodus Porter is being put out to pasture and making its, well, exodus. If you have a few bottles lying around you might want to store them for a special occasion because they are likely the last you will be seeing – ever.

But, with bad news comes more good news. If you have been wondering how you could get 12 of your favorite SweetWater IPAs together at one time and in one convenient box, there is now an answer. SweetWater IPA is now or soon will be available in 12-packs for your hoppy, thirst-quenching enjoyment. So, keep an eye out at your local beer monger for the new boxes.

With so much going on, you would think that the folks at SweetWater corporate offices would be just plain tired. But, happily, that is not the case. Be assured that more great things will be happening and coming down the pipe soon from these mad men – and women – of brewing. We can hardly wait.

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