Nitro taps increasing in numbers

16 Aug

More and more brewers are getting into brewing beers meant to be served on nitro, or nitrogen, rather than the standard CO2. Nitro is the gas that causes the famous falling bubbles that are a hallmark of beers like Guinness and Boddington’s. It lends a creaminess that CO2 just cannot achieve.

In the states, Left Hand Brewing Co. has has their Milk Stout on Nitro since its inception. They have even pioneered a process to bottle the brew and retain the creaminess of Nitro without the need for a widget that releases the gas upon opening the bottle or can.

Locally Nitro taps and brews have been popping up all around town in bars and Tap Rooms. Intuition Ale Works has added a tap and served several of their brews such as Shotgun Shack with the taps.

Cigar City Brewing in Tampa is planning a release schedule for their beers on Nitro as well. The goal is to have more of a focus on draft nitro brews. Look for the brews to be hitting nitro taps in our area in the next few weeks.

The brewery’s release schedule is:

September: Minaret ESB
October: Hornswoggled Red Ale
November: Puppy’s Breath Robust Porter
December: Minaret ESB

January: Cafe Con Leche Sweet Stout
February-March: Patio Tools Dry Irish Stout
April: Vanilla Maduro Brown Ale
May: Hornswoggled Red Ale
June: Horchata Ale
July: Minaret ESB
August: Vanilla Maduro
September: Minaret ESB
October: Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale
November: Puppy’s Breath Robust Porter
December: Minaret ESB

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