Video games on tap with new gaming system

27 Aug

Keg60As a younger man, much of my spare time and spare change was spent staring at an arcade screen. Usually I sweated out my video game addiction at a bowling alley or dive bar. Almost always a cold beer was on the table beside the machine as I chased Inky and Blinky or fought back invaders from space. Those were the days.

Now comes an enterprising company out of Rancho Cordova, Calif. with a machine that just might be the answer to that long forgotten compulsion. Dream Arcades, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of arcade machines for the home or office, recently unveiled the Kegerator Pro 60, the world’s first arcade machine with a 60-inch HD screen that features three taps. And perhaps the best thing, other than the beer taps of course, is that there are no quarters needed!

The unit comes pre-loaded with over 140 classic arcade games including Ms. Pac Man, Centipede, Galaga and Street Fighter. And, if you get tired of shooting up the galaxy or gobbling up power ups, the Kegerator Pro 60 can also surf the net or operate as a music jukebox.

“Dream Arcades has been making arcade machines for over a decade and the Kegerator Pro 60 will appeal to anyone that wants to combine their love for classic gaming with a cold, frosty beverage,” said Michael Ware, president of Dream Arcades. “No detail has been overlooked and for anyone looking for the ultimate party machine, this is the one to get. And with an amazing array of classic arcade games, the fun will never stop.”

The Kegerator Pro 60 can be ordered at or by calling 916-761-6925. In addition, as a special promotion, Dream Arcades is including multiple “add-ons” at no additional cost, including a DVD-ROM upgrade and multiple gaming “packs” with dozens of additional games. The Kegerator Pro 60 is available for $4,999.00.

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