A visit to the Milwaukee Brewing Co. open house

15 Jan

Our Northern Correspondent Bryan Born is at it again. This time he visited an open house at the Milwaukee Brewing Company. Watch for more of his travels and reports coming soon.

Milwaukee Brewing Company Open House

IMG_20140111_172702_675This past Saturday, January 11, I had an opportunity to attend one of Milwaukee Brewing Company’s open house events. I attended with my cousin, Megan, and some of her work colleagues. It was a very enjoyable experience all around.

The event was held inside Milwaukee Brewing company’s brewery, which I thought was pretty cool. We paid for admission and were allowed to wander around their brewery and drink unlimited beer during the two-hour event. We were even allowed to keep the pint glass we drank out off all night!

IMG_20140111_173330_961In an area designated as the “bar” guests could order beer from those written on a large chalk board. This alone may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you why chalk it was a huge plus for me. Chalk is easily erasable (Duh! I know, just bear with me). What this means to me is that the brewery experiments with their beer often. And that is precisely what I observed at the open house. The entire right hand side of the board was filled with beers that I had never seen. It was an excellent way to sample the new beers being created the local brewer. Of the beers I tried I found their double IPA to be particularly well-crafted and I was sorry that it ran out.

Then, there was the brewery tour. The full tour makes four stops around the brewery. Our tour guide was named Grizz, probably because he had a pretty nice beard. The beer lovers in attendance were given an abridged version of the brewery’s history and how beer is made. The group was taken up to see the tanks and finished off with a more hands demonstration of what goes in the beer.

Normally when I go to events like this, there is more than one brewery from which to sample beers. This one was different because of the location. Before tonight, I had not partaken of a lot of Milwaukee Brewing’s beers, with the exception of their Hop Happy IPA. So, I was genuinely excited to have the opportunity to personally examine their portfolio. I was very pleased with all of the beers I was able to try and will think twice about passing up the local beer for more “exotic” or rare IPAs that always seem to find spots in my beer fridge.


Cheers Milwaukee!

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