Florida Beer News provides Hunahpu’s Day survival guide

07 Mar

hunahpu_2014The folks over at the Florida Beer News blog have hit the nail squarely on the head with their post on how to survive Hunahpu’s Day at Cigar City Brewing Company this weekend. If you are going, this is essential reading. If you are not, read it anyway. The post provides a host of great information for any outdoor beer festival.

Advice like the post’s seventh guideline ring especially true:

“Cannot emphasize this enough: The world will keep turning, even if some beers don’t get sampled this time around. This is the case every time. Every person does not get to try every beer, and the sun comes up the next morning. Every time. Don’t ruin someone else’s experience because you missed Cognac Bourbon Brandy Chocolate Super Ultra Mega Rare Stout Porter. The tap list gets crazier every year and next year will be no exception. There are thousands of people and some of these kegs are only five gallons. The math just doesn’t work”

Most of all, heed the advice offered and enjoy the festival. I will be there among the fray enjoying some of the awesome brews that will be offered.

Read the entire post at the Florida Beer News site.

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