ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vegas teams with Stillwater Artisanal, launches exclusive craft beer

06 Oct

stillwater-artisanal-aria-resort-cabaletta-co-L-DKmmhCIf the advertising slogans are to be believed, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. So, when the ARIA Resort & Casino announced that they would release a signature beer, it was no surprise that it would be an exclusive for their properties. Created by ARIA’s highly acclaimed Mixologist Craig Schoettler and Baltimore’s Stillwater Artisanal Ales Founder and Brewer Brian Strumke, Cabaletta, is a Saison Golden Ale, that has been available since March.

According to the resort’s press release, Cabaletta will appeal to all the senses of craft aficionados as well as the casual beer drinker, offering a sophisticated yet approachable beverage option. Its light and crisp body is comprised of pilsner malt and wheat, accented with herbal and grassy German hops, resulting in a rich color and earthy aroma.

“As interest in craft beer continues to grow, we wanted to offer a beverage that was unique to Las Vegas,” said ARIA’s Mixologist Craig Schoettler. “Collaborating with Stillwater Artisanal Ales on this project will do that and more, elevating our beverage program and providing a new experience only available at ARIA.”

Strumke added, “We are excited to partner with ARIA on this project and hope it will help further elevate Las Vegas’ growing craft beer scene. I commend Craig’s efforts in pushing the boundaries of the drink culture in one of America’s favorite destinations.”

ARIA guests who order the brew will notice a light fruitiness in flavor, which is a result of the Belgian yeast strain used for fermentation, and its dry finish will leave them yearning for another sip. Comparable to most crafts at six percent alcohol content, the thoughtful brewing process behind Cabaletta yields a refreshing taste while exuding an array of subtle complexities.

ARIA’s personal brew also will be available on tap throughout the resort’s restaurants, bars and lounges.

The resort has also created a video series that highlights the creative force behind their innovative beverage program and the new beer. The videos feature property mixologist Craig Shoettler answering guests’ questions, providing instructions to create a specialty cocktail and discussing Cabaletta.

You may view the series at:

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