Terrapin to release second The Walking Dead-themed brew

26 Jan

lucille-label-1-226725A few years ago, Athens, Ga. brewery Terrapin Beer Company produced a beer themed after the hugely popular “The Walking Dead” television program that airs on cable channel AMC. Walking Dead Blood Orange IPA was hit with both fans of the show and beer-lovers alike. On the heels of that success, Terrapin is once again brewing a The Walking Dead-themed beer. This time around the beer will pay tribute to the most reviled villain the show has ever known; Nagen.

As fans of the show know, Nagen is a psychopathic dictator who demands total loyalty and doles out punishment with his beloved “Lucille,” a barb-wire wrapped baseball bat. The brewers at Terrapin found inspiration in the much-feared weapon and have created an extremely limited amount of Lucille an imperial stout brewed with several unique ingredients.

The label describes the beer as:

“Lucille,” the weapon of choice inside of this bottle, is an imperial stout brewed with blackstrap molasses and vanilla. Swinging for the fences, we aged this beer on hickory, maple and white ash, the three woods that are used to produce baseball bats. Big and menacing, its flavors hit hard.

The beer will arrive in 500 ml bottles and, as stated above, will be extremely limited in distribution.

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