Danish brewer goes from the pisser to the pint glass

12 May

mannekenpisBrewers like to make unique, memorable beers. In the past there have been beers made with yeast from a brewer’s beard, a pizza beer and a beer made from purified waste water. But, a brewer in Denmark may have gone too far by making a beer from human urine.

Nørrebro Bryghus, a Danish microbrewery located in Copenhagen, has gone to the toilet for their new “Pisner” beer.

According to Rueters, the brewery is using 50,000 gallons of urine collected from a music festival to brew the novelty beer. This begs the question, which came first the beer or the piss?

But, in case you just started feeling a bit queasy, the beer is not made from filtered urine. Instead, the urine was used to fertilize the barley used in the brewing process.

“When the news that we had started brewing the Pisner came out,”  said Henrik Vang, Chief Executive of brewer Norrebro Bryghus in the Reuters article. “A lot of people thought we were filtering the urine to put it directly in the beer and we had a good laugh about that.”

About 60,000 bottles of the beer are available to adventurous drinkers.

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