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Jax Brew Bus Shuttling Beer Lovers to Local Breweries

Often when one door closes another opens. Three college buddies dreamt of owning their own brewery. After drinking the vapid brews put out the monster mega breweries, they had tasted craft beers and wanted to be a part of that exploding scene. They began home-brewing, but with capital being so hard to come by in this economy and a lack of extensive brewing knowledge, the three decided a brewery was out of the question.

But not long after the brewery door closed, the bus door opened. Yes, the bus door – the Jax Brew Bus door. The three — Josh Carpenter, Mike Maulsby and Glenn Vopper – found an old airport shuttle bus on foreclosure sale, pooled their money, and bought a bus. They had a snazzy wrap added to jazz up the outside and began working with local breweries to put together tours.

Now the bus operates on Saturdays visiting three local breweries and one brew pub. Riders purchase a ticket and are shuttled to Intuition Ale Works, Bold City Brewing, Engine 15 Brew Pub, and Green Room Brewery. Riders get tours at several of the breweries and beer samples at all of them included in the $50 ticket price.

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to ride the bus and experience the service first hand. The ride begins at Tinseltown on the Southside and travels to Intuition Ale Works first. Manning the bus is a driver and a tour guide. Our guide for the day was Maulsby with Vopper driving. Along the way, Maulsby entertained us with interesting information about the local and national craft beer scene.

At Intuition we were ushered into the brewery bar to taste several of the breweries beers along with information about each. The tasting was followed by a tour of the brewing facilities and a visit to the Tap Room where we were encouraged to try other beers or fill growlers.

The next stop was Bold City Brewing where we were again treated to a tasting and a tour. Brian Miller, co-owner and Brewing Operations Manager, related several interesting stories and treated everyone to a taste of beer directly from the fermentation tanks.

A stop at Engine 15 at the beach yielded more tastes and some welcome food. The final stop was at Green Room Brewery where riders received a complimentary beer.

During the drive time an interesting thing happened, 14 strangers became fast friends. We were all drinking together, telling stories, and having the time of our lives. The Brew Bus became a matchmaker of sorts bringing together beer lovers and letting them learn from each other. It gave people the opportunity to share discoveries of great beers and it did it all in the span of just five hours. On these points alone the Jax Brew Bus is a smashing success.

As the craft brew scene in Jacksonville grows, the Jax Brew Bus will look to expand its route. For now it conducts tours every Saturday from 1:00 to approximately 6:00 PM. For more information or to make a reservation visit the Jax Brew Bus website at:


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The Perfect Friday Evening

Let me ask you a question; what is your idea of a great, relaxed evening? I’ll tell you mine; a cool, Florida Friday night, sitting in the backyard of good friends, eating hoagies (their from up north and that’s what they call subs), and drinking cold beer. Not just any beer, mind you. Bold City Brewing’s Killer Whale right out of a keg soaking in a tub of ice.

That, my friends, is a good evening.



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Beer Junto Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Beer-lovers from around the Jacksonville area converged on Engine 15 in Jacksonville Beach Saturday night to hoist a pint and congratulate owner Steve Rushe. The beer flowed and the good times rolled as folks kept pouring in to celebrate the milestone set by one of Jacksonville’s best beer blogs.

The Springfield Brew Crew raises a glass and adds their congratulations to Steve. Not only is this a milestone for you and your site, it is an indication that Jacksonville is truly entering the Craft Beer scene.


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Bold City Brewery Celebrates Second Anniversary

On a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon what could be better than coming together with several hundred beer lovers to celebrate the second anniversary of one of the best local breweries in Jacksonville? My opinion, not a darn thing! The fine folks who run Bold City Brewery did just that and threw a great party!
Bold City Breweries Second
Anniversary Party
And, everyone knows that when there is a great party there has to be good friends and good drink! Again, Bold City pulled out the stops — literally — on great beer. Brian, Bold City’s brewmaster and owner, tapped a couple of very specail kegs. He has had Duke’s Brown Ale and Mad Manatee agin in Maker’s Mark bareels for several months. And, as if that was not enough, he threw in some cherry wood to boot!
The result were exceptionally smooth brews with notes of smokey Maker’s Mark whiskey and tart cherry. Cold and refreshing, these beers went down easy and packed a bit of a wollop. These special anniversary brews proved extremely popular and the barrels ran dry just a few hours after they were tapped. A pity because they were so great I would drink them on a regular basis (tried to get Brian to let me have a growler full to no avail.).
Brew Crew Member
Eric Wisdom
The party drew beer lovers from far and wide. My little group carried on a conversation with a couple who had made the trek from King’s Bay. There were local beer luminaries like Ed Stansel from the Times-Union and beer blog Amber Waves and Steve Rushe from beer blog My group consisted of members of the Springfield Brew Crew – Joe Cobb, Jason Piechowiak, Jim and Sharon Frye, and my brother, Eric Wisdom — who will soon be adding to this blog, regalling us with stories of his travels all around the world and the beer he drinks.

Yes, Bold City through quite a party. They served awesome beer and a good time was had by all. With the number of people who where there, it is apparent the Jacksonville is primed and thirsty for good craft beers. Bold CIty delivers on that count.

Brian Miller Brewmaster
Steve Rushe of

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