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New Belgium tinkering with Dubbel, Trippel recipes

abbey_lNew Belgium Brewing announced today that the recipes of several of their beers will be reimagined. Two of their longest running beers — Abbey Belgian Style Dubbel and Trippel Belgian Style Ale – will undergo several changes to update them “a new era.”

According to the brewery’s official press release, “Subtle recipe tweaks will allow the malty and hoppy characteristics of each beer to shine through. A new yeast strain will help balance the esters and phenol while emphasizing the Belgian character of these beers.”

The two beers started life as homebrew recipes inspired by a trip to Belgium and first appeared more than 25 years ago. They were among the first Belgian-inspired beers produced in the United States. With new developments in hops and malt manufacturing, the brewery felt there was a need for the update.

“As an American craft brewer founded on Belgian tradition, we have a deep respect for our history and our roots,” said NBB Specialty Brand Manager, Lauren Salazar. “And of course, there’s a ‘New’ in our name for a reason. As brewers of craft beer, we need to embrace growth and change and continue to push ourselves to make the best beers possible. We think these changes exemplify the very best of old world Belgium and new craft technique.”

In addition to Munich malt, Trippel now incorporates Pilsener malt and one additional hop, Hallertau Mittelfrüh, for an herbal and spicy Nobel hop nose. Trippel is classically smooth and complex, with notes of fruit and spice before a pleasantly warm and crisp finish. Alcohol has increased slightly to 8.5%, 40 IBUs.

Abbey has eight different malts including caramel, Munich, chocolate and now oats for mouthfeel. The addition of Caramunich and Special W malt add rich tones of chocolate and dark caramel with hints of dried cherries, burnt sugar and figs. Sweet and roasty up front, followed by a slightly bitter finish, Abbey is a true-to-style representation of the monastic beers of Belgium. Alcohol rests at 7%, 20 IBU.

For a short time, both new and old versions may be found side-by-side on shelves. Beer drinkers can identify the new versions by their expiration dates; any Trippel with a Best Buy date of 4/17/16 or later is the new version; any Abbey with a Best Buy date of 6/19/16 or later is the new version as well.

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Lost Abbey Brewing announces ‘Lost Abbey’ game for GABF

If you are going to the Great American Beer Festival next week and enjoy Lost Abbey beers, you may find the activity they have dreamed up interesting and fun. The activity will help you explore the burgeoning Denver craft beer scene while possibly earning Lost Abbey beer, wearables, or even a coveted Ultimate Box Set collection of their beer.

The company is billing the game as a live version of “Where’s Waldo.” The story line is that Abbot (called Abbey) has set off to Denver ahead of the GABF, but has a terrible sense of direction. The Lost Abbey beers want to find Abbey before something goes terribly awry. That is where you come in; it is up to you to follow the trail of clues Abbey leaves behind and locate the wayward Monk.

Through notes on both Twitter and Foursquare, participants will need to follow in Abbey’s footsteps and visit each location he does (there are a total of seven). Along the way to finding Abbey, you will have the opportunity to win a number of prizes but, it is the first to find Abbey on Saturday, October 13 that will the Grand Prize.

Full details on how to play the game are located here:

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