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Engine 15 expanding, building new brewery and tap room on Myrtle

engine15logoIf you had not already noticed, Jacksonville’s beer scene is absolutely on fire. In just little over five years our river city has gone from just a few beer-centric restaurants and brew pubs to sporting seven full-fledged craft breweries, scores of beer bars and a healthy amount of restaurants that focus on craft beer. And now comes even more proof that the beer scene is alive and kicking here, Luch Scremin co-owner and brewer at Engine 15, the Jacksonville Beach pub, has announced plans to open a production brewery, tap room and outdoor beer garden on Myrtle Ave. near downtown.

According to a Jacksonville Times-Union article Scremin expects to have the brewery operational in 90 days. It will feature a 20 barrel brewhouse that will allow him to brew his five core brands leaving the smaller four barrel brewhouse at the Jacksonville Beach brewery free to create small batch specialty beers.

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7 Questions about beer answered

RedBrick1_rsBeer is a social beverage. In its earliest incarnations, man drank beer for sustenance and ritual; in more modern times it is the beverage of choice at neighborhood pubs and tap rooms filled with friendly patrons willing to share a story as well as a pint.  Beer is also a beverage that is steeped in the richness of its own history. It has been used as an offering to the Gods as well as nourishment during the most of holy times.

But, what do you really know about beer? Here are seven of the most common questions about our favorite adult beverage with answers that may surprise as much as they enlighten.

1.       What is in beer?

Simply speaking, beer consists of only four ingredients; barley malt, hops, yeast, and water. Over the centuries, these ingredients have been adjusted due to shortages or taste, but from these simple beginnings beer has sprung.

2.       How old is beer?

Beer, in one form or another, has been with us for a very long time. Archeological discoveries have found evidence that beer has been enjoyed for over 9,000 years and most likely started in what is now Iran.

3.       Did beer really play a role in the establishment of the United States?

There is a lot of disagreement and speculation on this topic. But, most historians agree that beer was definitely a staple on the Mayflower and that supplies were a serious source of concern to the sailors and passengers.

4.       Which beer has the highest amount of alcohol?

This distinction falls on Brewmeister’s Armegeddon, a brew that weighs in at 65% alcohol. The Scottish brewer of the beer describes it as, “malty, hoppy, slightly sweet and lots of yeast still in the beer.”

5.       How many beers are in a keg?

For most Americans, a keg refers to what is technically a half barrel. That being the case, a half keg is equal to 15.5 US gallons or 1,984 ounces. This works out to a little over 165, 12 ounce beers.

6.       Was beer invented by the Germans?

Hardly. Beer predates the Germanic people by more than 6,000 years. But, it could be argued that, while the Germans did not invent beer, they certainly made an indelible mark on its history and development.

7.       Which country drinks the most beer?

Most would likely answer Germany to this question. But, they would be wrong. On second guess the answer might be Ireland. But, again that would be wrong. This distinction falls to the Czech Republic where 132 liters (nearly 35 gallons) of beer are consumed annually per capita.

Questions still abound about beer but, at least now you know the answers to a few. The next time you are quaffing your favorite brew among friends at your neighborhood tap room you will have a few handy facts to add to the conversation.

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Bold City to Sell Six-Packs

Bold City Brewery has set a number of firsts in Jacksonville; they were the first craft beer brewery, they opened the first tap room, they were the first to introduce the concept of the growler, they were the first to bottle their brews, and now, they will be the first to sell bottled six-packs of locally-brewed craft beers in the Jacksonville market. Sure, Bold City brews have been available in bottles at local grocers and liquor stores, but only in bombers and case packs. Now, if you want more than a single bomber and less than 12 bottles of beer from Bold City, you will have the option.

“People have always asked me, when I’m out and about or here at the brewery, why don’t we do six packs.” said owner Brian Miller in his weekly newsletter to brewery fans today. The wait, and the questions, will be over next week when Miller expects bottles of Killer Whale Cream Ale to be available for thirsty beer-lovers at local outlets.


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Green Room Remembers Mascot with Benefit Tonight

From the very beginning the friendly, if reserved, Rottweiler that roamed the brewery and tap room at Green Room Brewing in Jacksonville Beach was a charmer. Diamond could often be found lying in a sunny spot on the floor of the under construction tap room on visits for progress updates. And after the brewery was up and running she could be found roaming the premises and greeting customers. She became the mascot of the brewery and a favorite of patrons young and old. Unfortunately, after 13 years of bringing warmth and love to the family of Mark Stillman and a year of welcoming visitors to Green Room, Diamond succumbed to her battle with cancer in April.

Tonight, in memory of Diamond and for the benefit of Friends of Jacksonville Animals, Green Room will hold a benefit beginning at 6:00 p.m. Friends of Jacksonville Animals is a pet rescue group founded in 2008. It is dedicated to the well-being of homeless animals received by the shelter and focuses on ending unnecessary euthanasia. They also emphasize public education about responsible pet ownership.

Animal and beer lovers can purchase tickets at the door for $18, admission includes two Green Room beers and snacks.


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Boldly Going Where No Jacksonville Brewery has Gone Before

Jacksonville’s own Bold City Brewery has been garnering a lot of national attention lately and with good reason. Since opening on Rosselle Street in the Riverside/Avondale area in 2008, Bold City has been turning heads. They were the first craft brewery in Jacksonville, they are owned by a mother and son team, they were the first in the area to bottle their beers for distribution to local grocery stores, and they were the first local brewery to serve their beer at local sporting events.

In the tradition of many of the great breweries of the Old Country, Bold City is a true family effort, too. Members of the Miller family (no relation to the other brewery by that name) man the taps in the tap room, assist with cleaning out fermentation tanks, marketing their brand, and bottling the beer. On Wednesday evenings you can usually find the whole family manning the bottling station as they cap and crate pallets of beer.

The brewery’s journey towards success began back in 2002 when Brian Miller – the son of the mother and son team – began home brewing beer. He joined the local brewing club, C. A.S. K. and soon after began collecting accolades on his brews. Soon after that the idea of running a brewery began to grow in the back of his mind. The seedling grew to a fully formed idea and Miller approached his mother Susan with the plan for the Jacksonville brewing icon. After researching the idea thoroughly, Susan Miller left her job at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida to join the Bold City team.

In Brian’s own words, “The concept of opening a business, any business, can be a scary one, but at some point, you have to allow yourself to dream about what could be and push forward with your aspirations.” So, with an infusion of capital supplied by a mortgage on Susan’s home, the two set out to build a brewing empire all their own.

Today Susan manages the business aspects of the operation including the Tap Room and dealing with suppliers. Brian has turned the brewing reigns over to his longtime assistant and has taken over the job of Brewing Operations Manager. In the more than three years since the brewery has opened, Bold City has expanded the size of their equipment and their facility. Recently they took out the wall of an adjoining unit in the warehouse they are situated in and built a third cooler.

And all that hard work has paid on in spades not only with legions of fanatical followers, but recently three separate and highly-respected publishers have honored the humble group.

Men’s Health named Bold City in its article “The Best Beers from NFL Cities” citing Fritz’s and Bold English in its write up, “Try Fritz’s Hefeweizen for a sterling example of a German wheat beer, or the Bold English Old Ale if you’re looking for deeper flavor.”

Draft Magazine, in its article on breakfast beers (yes, beer is now a breakfast drink alongside Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s) recommended Killer Whale Cream Ale paired with croissants.

And, Rate Beer, one of the ‘Net’s most popular and authoritive beer websites, named Bold City as one of the Top 50 Breweries to visit in the world. Bold City was ranked right up there with Sierra Nevada in California and St. Sixtus in Belgium.

Never let it be said that a man’s dream cannot come to fruition; at least not around Bold City brewery. Brian and the gang may have something to say about that. And, though it took plenty of hard work and long hours, the great folks at the brewery wouldn’t change a thing.

Until next time,

Long Live the Brewers


Marc Wisdom


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