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Most expensive and cheapest places in world to get a beer

beerThe next time you complain about the price of the beer you drink, consider what beer-lovers in Tripoli, Libya cough up for a draft pint (technically .5L): $9.30. Talk about hitting a guy where it hurts! In contrast, the cheapest beer in the world can be had in Guangzhou, China where imbibers need only pay $0.36. Clearly, there is a disparity in price around the world for the third most popular drink after tea and water.

The city pricing data comes courtesy of Quartz ( a consumer news blog. Quartz, having seen an article on Thrillist ( about the countries around the world with the cheapest beer wanted to dig a bit deeper.

Turns out that the country with the cheapest average cost for a pint is Vietnam where beer is served – almost sacrilegiously – on ice for about $0.76 for a 12oz glass although it is not uncommon to find bia hoi for as low as $0.20. At the higher end of the top five cheapest countries to get beer is Ethiopia where you can expect to drink a beer called St. George’s Lager for just $0.93 a pint. St. George’s Lager is named after the country’s patron saint and has been brewed since the 1920s. Should you ever decide you would like a taste of it, the brew is sold at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park for considerably more than the price in Africa.

Other countries on the top five cheapest beer list include the Philippines, Ukraine and Cambodia. Cities that will set you back the most for a pint include four cities in Norway and one in both Sweden and Denmark. Apparently, beer is very expensive throughout Scandinavia.

Read the entire articles about the price of beer at the links below and be happy that you are only paying $5 or so for that pint at your local tap room. It could be worse.

Quartz: The cites with the cheapest beer in the world

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