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Silver Cow offers beer education classes

silver_cowBeer is a wondrous and often confusing substance. Questions abound like; where did beer come from? What is the difference between lagers and ales? How did different styles get their start? What foods go best with specific beers styles? All these questions and more are answered in the new series of beer education classes at King Street Beer District watering hole The Silver Cow/The Annex.

“We’re hoping those who are interested in craft beer or just beginning will get involved and more at ease when purchasing beer at the store or at the bar,” said owner Regina Heffington about the classes. “This is why we offer samples for customers to try because we want the customer to be happy with their selections and we’re here to answer any questions.”

Silver Cow bartender Kyle Rose led the first class, Beer 101, with a slew of interesting stories and facts that both entertained and informed. Armed with a notepad full of notes, Rose kept the gathering of beer pilgrims enthralled as they sipped several different beers and munched charcuterie matched to each.

In all, the hour or so spent at the class was pleasant, informative and satisfying. Beer samples were appropriate and the food parings were suitable.

Future classes will cover topics such as Belgian beers, sour ales and Bourbon barrel-aged brews.

Each class includes:

  • Four (4) different craft beer styles during the class
  • Charcuterie, fromage and fruit pairings – each matched with the beer
  • Class sheets and information to keep
  • 10% off food purchase at Silver Cow
  • 10% off of your container and growler fill of one of the beers used in the class
  • An extra $1 off Happy Hour price for one of the beers tasted during your class
  • 10% off Silver Cow packaged beer (or wine) to go
  • A Silver Cow sticker
  • A pint glass to keep

Classes are $20 each, reservations may be made at The Silver Cow/The Annex or by emailing More information can be found at:

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Beer myths debunked

The fun folks at the Karl Strauss Brewing Company have released an interesting infographic that provides a lot of great information about our favorite beverage: beer.

Beer Myths Debunked, by Karl Strauss
by: Karl Strauss.

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The Beer Guy, Episode 2: What the Heck is an IPA?

Making the Happy Hour segments on I Know Jax is a lot of fun, Joe and I really seem to have got a good patter going. And, not least of which, we get to talk about beer.

With no further ado, here is the second episode:

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Brew Crew University – Coming Soon

Beer is the universal beverage of good times. It is also steeped in history and tradition. For instance; do you know the origins of stout beers? It goes back over 400 years! The story of how these inky-black brews came to be is discussed in the history section of Brew Crew University courses.

Brew Crew University is an exciting new beer education program geared towards the service industry, beer novices, and beer enthusiasts. For centuries beer has played second fiddle to wine, yet the history of this beverage outdates wine! Our programs take the mystery out of beer and introduce students to the limitless possibilities of truly great beer.

Details and course descriptions are comng soon. Watch for announcements here and on the Springfield Brew Crew website at:


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