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Bold City Brewing’s Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale to hit store shelves in cans

l106579-11092009-newThe canned craft beer revolution has really caught on since Oskar Blues rocked the industry by shunning bottles and putting their award-winning brews in aluminum. Just over a year ago, Intuition Ale Works was the first craft brewery in the entire state of Florida to can their tasty brews, now there are many that can including Cigar City and Green Room. The latest local brewery to join the ranks of craft brewers putting beer in tubes, as the Aussies put it, is Bold City.

According to a press release from Bold City:

“Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale has been canned and is our first canned beer. $1 from every case sold will go to support our local Jacksonville Humane Society!

“Bold City Dukes Cold Nose Brown Ale Cans will be available tomorrow in select areas/locations including ABC liquors, Total Wine & More, Broudy’s Liquors, Beer:30 and Grassroots Natural Market.

“Just around the corner, Killer Whale Cream Ale and Mad Manatee IPA will be canned in the coming months – so please stay tuned for further developments!”

Bold City Brewing Company was the first of the craft area craft brewers and has recently begun a major expansion to keep up with growing demand for their products. Future plans include creating an indoor bier garden in what used to be the brewing space of their brewery on Roselle Street in the Riverside/Avondale area of Jacksonville.

Watch for Bold City beer in cans to hit store shelves beginning Tuesday, June 25.

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Funky Buddha to open full production facility in June

funkyEvery now and then a brewery comes along that seems to have built in buzz. These are the breweries that brew beers by their own rules and to please themselves first. Funny thing is, most of the time, those same breweries tend to please the beer-loving public, too. Funky Buddha Brewery of Oakland Park, Fla. is one of those breweries that has attained cult status.

In 2010 the brewery began as The Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery in Boca Raton, Fla. The hip lounge features 40 loose leaf teas, 40 shisha flavors, small bites, dessert and over 110 craft beers including those brewed on site. The lounge and brewery proved so popular that just three years later head brewer and founder Ryan Sentz is nearing completion on a brand new, full production facility with a monstrous 30 barrel brew house. The behemoth brewhouse makes Funky Buddha the largest production brewery in South Florida with the capacity to pump out nearly 6,000 barrels of beer in its first year and room to brew five times that much in the future.

“We’re extremely excited that this brewery will allow us to share our passion for craft beer with a larger audience,” Sentz said. “We could not have gotten here without the support of the Funky Buddha family and the entire brewing community.”

In addition to the brewery, the new facility will feature over 30 tap lines, live music, brewery tours, growlers to-go, and much more. The tap room is practically a work of art featuring a 70’ bar top lined by tall windows looking into the brewery, and a 15’ tall, live-edged cherry wood back bar built by Asheville Mantle and Slab of North Carolina.

Funky Buddha is known for its offbeat special release beer flavors such as No Crusts Peanut Butter and Jelly Brown Ale and the highly sought after Maple Bacon Coffee Porter. But the brewery is equally known foryear-round brews Hop Gun IPA and Floridian Hefeweizen. Expect to see these in bottles as the new facility settles in and adds a planned bottling line. Distribution for the brews will be handled by Brown Distribution.

 The City of Oakland Park’s new Culinary Arts District, spearheaded by Redevelopment Management Associates of Delray Beach will feature the Funky Buddha as its cornerstone. The district will also feature restaurants, markets, a culinary school, and a hydroponic farm with horticultural classes. The district’s newly renovated walking plaza sits directly in front of the brewery, and will be publicly unveiled along with the Brewery’s Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting on June 1 from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

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Thasnksgiving beer pairings just in time for your feast

Not long ago I was asked what beers would be on my Thanksgiving table this year. While I had a quick answer at the time, I started thinking about what would really be good with the different foods that are part of a traditional Thanksgiving meal. I started thinking about the flavors and what would truly work best with them. Below are my recommendations of beers to try with the various courses of your Thanksgiving meal.

Thanksgiving feasting in my family begins the moment you walk through the front door. Generally there are platters of cheese, crackers, and other salty, savory snacks. These types of snacks are perfect for a well-hopped Pale Ale. Locally, here in Jacksonville, a perfect choice for this is Intuition Ale Works’ People’s Pale Ale. For those out of the area looking for a good Pale Ale try Dales Pale Ale or the granddaddy of all Pale Ales: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. These beers will also pair well with appetizers like shrimp cocktail or bruschetta with tomatoes and basil.

Thanksgiving dinner proper begins with a salad in my family. My mother has a favorite oriental style salad she makes with a sesame seed oil and vinegar dressing and dry Ramen Noodles crumbled into it that is a hit with our gang. The sweet salad dressing deserves a beer that will not over-power it so I like pair it with a Belgian White Ale like Blanche de Bruxelles. The wonderful balance of coriander and citrus in this brew enhances the sweet and tangy dressing marvelously without overpowering it with hops or malty sweetness. Try this beer with other similar, sweet salad dressings since the spices can hold up to the flavors of sweet lettuce, tomato, carrot, and cucumber.

For the main course of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, cranberry sauce, and so on you have to decide a direction to go. I have always aimed for a beer that would take a middle road through all of these flavors, enhancing them without distracting from them. Many beer connoisseurs will point you towards a toasty, malty beer like a Brown Ale. I don’t disagree with that in theory, but for my taste – and I think a lot of other folk’s if they have the where-with-all to save it – Oktoberfest Marzen works wonderfully. Oktoberfest-style beers have many of the characteristics of Brown Ales, but tend to have a cleaner finish. To me that is important. I want a beer that is going to refresh and cleanse my palate between bites, not leave a lingering malty flavor. One of my favorite Oktoberfest beers is Ayinger Oktoberfest. You may still be able to find some at your local beer store, so hurry on out for it. If Ayinger is not available try others like Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest of Flying Fish Oktoberfish.

At the end of the turkey gorging, there are always all those wonderful desserts. In our family that means pumpkin pie, apple pie, and rich chocolate cake. But, I have also seen families who serve mouth-watering desserts such as trifles and carrot cake. What you want here is a beer that can add its own spiced, sweet flavors while still allowing the delicious desserts to shine. In my recommendation recently, I suggested Southern Tier Pumking to pair with pumpkin, sweet potato, or pecan pie. The pumpkin spices in this brew are marvelous and will enhance your enjoyment of the pies. For chocolate desserts I have a bit of a wild idea: chocolate chili beers. You may have to look a bit for one of these but if you can find them try, Samuel Adams The Vixen a Bock beer brewed with dark cocoa nibs, cinnamon, and chilies; or try Cigar City Hunahpu an Imperial Brown Ale brewed with Peruvian cacao nibs, ancho and pasilla chilies, Madagasgar vanilla beans, and cinnamon.

At the end of the meal, while you are lying on the sofa in all your stuffed majesty, watching the football games a good easy-drinker would probably hit the spot. What you probably want after all that food is a lighter, lower-alcohol brew to relax with. Again, for those who think ahead, grab your growler and head to one of the many great breweries in Jacksonville. You can even pick up a six-pack of Intuition Ale Works’ Jon Boat Coastal Ale at most local grocery stores.

But, no matter what beers you decide to serve with your Thanksgiving meal, it is my sincere wish that you have a safe and happy day with your family and friends. I also hope that you will take a moment to think about all that we have to be thankful for, in particular, please take a moment to think about the many United States Service Members who are away from their families – whether over-seas or domestically – that proudly protect our rights and freedoms.

Keep up to date on all the beer happenings and news going on in town at the ALL NEW

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Blue Fish Restaurant Teams with Bold City for First Beer Dinner

On Wednesday, February 8th Bold City Brewery and The Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar will be holding a beer dinner. In the past, Blue Fish has done several very successful wine dinners. But, this is their first beer dinner. And what a great first outing they have coming with one of Jacksonville’s favorite local breweries.

The menu, which looks fantastic, follows:

First Course
Bold City Killer Whale Cream Ale – not too hoppy, not too malty, light, and refreshing served with succulent mussels Steamed Bold City beer.

Second Course
Bold City Archie’s Rhino Rye Pale Ale – a distinctively flavored pale due to the use of rye grain in the brewing process served with large gulf shrimp, mushrooms, cajun spices, green onion, shrimp stock, butter, and oxford missisippi stone ground grits.

Third Course
Bold City Duke’s Brown Ale – a slightly sweet and nutty brown ale served with grilled bratwurst and Bold City b braised sauerkraut.

Fourth Course
Bold City Smokey Porter – this robust porter is made with cherrywood smoked barley that imparts a truly bold flavor. This exceptional brew is paired with dark beer braised boneless short ribs.

Fifth Course
Bold City Mad Manatee – an American IPA with big herbal and citrus characteristics paired up with blackened fresh catch, red beans & rice, jumbo lump crab with beurre
blanc sauce.

Sixth Course
Bold City 1901 – mamed for the great Jacksonville fire of 2901 this malty, roasty, and complex red ale accompanies beer chocolate bundt cake.

Tickets are available at the restaurant and are $45.00 for the dinner of six courses paired with six Bold City ales.

Welcome drinks begin pouring at 6:30 and dinner service begins at 7:00.


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Green Room Brewery the New Big Kahuna at Jax Beach

Green Room Brewery the New Big Kahuna at Jax Beach

The tap room at Green Room Brewing in Jacksonville Beach has been open for a little while now selection of beers from other Florida breweries like Cigar City in Tampa, Swamp Head in Gainesville, Tequesta near Jupiter, and local brewers Intuition and Bold City. But this past Saturday that all changed with the grand opening of festivities that included the tapping of four great beers brewed entirely on premises by head brewer Eric Luman.

Contrary to its name, the tap room of this brewery is not green at all. Rather it is cheery blue with surfer influences including several surf boards hanging on the walls. It seems green room is a surfer phrase that means the perfect spot inside the curl of a wave. The vibe is laid back and comfortable with high top as well as regular tables and plenty of seats at the white corrugated metal and dark grey concrete bar. The wall behind the tap handles is made of the same white corrugated metal as the bar with series of black boards above the tap handles detailing the available brews with beer name, brewery, style of beer, and ABV.

Among the beers available on Saturday were Intuition Ale Works’ I-10 IPA, Cigar City’s Jai Alai, Swamp Head Wild Night, and Tequesta Gnarly Barley. But the real stars on Saturday were the brand new brews from the Green Room itself.

On tap at the grand opening were four quality brews; Helles Yeah, Clean Ocean Brown Ale, Shaka Oatmeal Stout, and Head High IPA. Of these four the two permanent beers are Helles Yeah and Head High, the other two are part of a rotating seasonal program. Coming up soon according to the black board in the brewery is a White Belgian Ale that is sure to be a pleaser.

Now that the tap room and beers are introduced, a little more information about the beers being produced at Green Room is necessary.

Helles Yeah (pronounced HELLS YEAH!) is not only fun to say, but it is also a fun beer to drink. An Amercanized version of a classic Munich Helles beer, this brew is a refresher perfect for the hot summer days so typical at Jacksonville Beach. Helles is the German word for light, but do not let that fool you, this sparkling golden brew is full flavored with smooth, sweet malts and a slightly bitter hoppiness at the end. At just 4.6% ABV, you can drink several while telling surf stories with your friends without worrying about the wiping out on your next set.

Head High IPA is the other permanent brew currently available at Green Room. This approachable IPA packs plenty of hoppy grapefruit bitterness into each sip, but also tempers the hoppy kick with a balancing malty sweetness. This is an IPA that experienced hop heads will find extremely sessionable, while newcomers to the hop party will enjoy the beer as a gateway to hoppier drafts in the future.

Next up is Clean Ocean Brown Ale. For those who enjoy nutty, malty, sweet brown ales with a hint of hopped bitterness; this is the brew for you. When this deep amber to brown beverage is placed in front of you, the first thing you should do is sniff the loose head swirling at the top of your glass. You will be rewarded with the aromas of sweet malts, mild hops, and delicate nuts. When you take your first sip a wave of smooth caramel malts washes over you followed by a pleasant, mild bitterness that recedes into a rewarding sweetness.

The last ale available on Saturday was the pitch black Shaka Oatmeal Stout. The shaka sign is more commonly known in Florida as the “hang loose” sign. It is used, especially in surfer circles as a universal greeting, a long distance high-five, and an all-around symbol of good will. All of which are appropriate to the smooth stout that bears the symbol’s name. Tiny, creamy bubbles crown the top of this ebon liquid that smells of roasted malts, rich coffee, and mild hops. A sip sends good vibrations washing over you like a well-loved Beach Boys tune revealing rich mouth feel and coffee flavors.

The folks out at The Green Room have truly gotten off to a great start. If the number of people packed into the tap room at the Grand Opening is any indication, this is going to be a favorite spot of area beer connoisseurs as well as traveling beer imbibers who come to visit the First Coasts beaches. The surf is up, head on out to the beach for a few perfect sets!

Until next time,

Long Live the Brewers!


Marc Wisdom

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