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Even More Down Underer

Even More Down Underer

Aussie Beer Part 3

For the sake of you, the readers, I have been very busy sacrificing myself, both time and effort, to try every Australian beer I can find.

Let me tell you the American dollar exchange rate is really low. The lowest it’s ever been on all my trips down here. It is right at $1.00 US equals $1.00 Australian. That may sound good to you. Let me explain why it’s bad. In the US an average 6 pack of premium beer is approximately $6.00. With an even 1 for 1 exchange it makes the calculating and money conversion easier. A typical 6 pack of local Australian beer is $18.00. That’s either US dollars or Australian dollars. An average pint of beer in a bar or restaurant is $7.00, which is closer to average and doesn’t quite have as much of a kick in the groin as buying a 6 pack at a discount bottle shop.

Whilst perusing the local bottle shop trying to recover from sticker shock. I found a local beer that was a bit cheaper ($13.00) than the others. Its unique name, Blue Tongue beer, caught my eye. This is a very light lager with a really clean crisp taste, and followed delightful soft citrus. But, it still maintains that slight import aftertaste that I seek out to diferentiate it from the tasteless white American lagers. A beer you could drink all night and easily quaffed at the coldest of temperatures.

My next beer I discovered while on a dinner trip over to St. Kilda’s. St. Kilda’s is a small beach front town about 10 miles outside of Melbourne along Phillips Bay, perfect for sitting at a beach front café and enjoying a pint of the amber life. I arrived at the Stokehouse Restaurant for a good seafood dinner. I saw a new beer I haven’t heard of; The Chief, 6.3% ABV, slightly darker amber, with a really sweet and slightly yeasty finish. Brewed by 2 Brothers brewery in Moorabbin Bayside, approximately 20 miles south east of Melbourne along the coast of Phillips Bay. This is a smooth Marzen, real good slight caramel in the middle and real sweet finish. I turned it toward a few of my mates and they all loved it as well.


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