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Are You a Beer Snob?

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Beer, like wine, has its share of snobs. People like myself who enjoy beer for the complex flavors it offers and not just as a means to a drunken end. Beer snobs talk about beer in mystical terms, terms that describe the aroma, the taste, and the alcohol content of a particular brew. They wax poetic about the influences a brewer may have had for brewing a certain style of beer. They get into deep conversations about the virtues of Belgian beers as opposed to German. Each has his or her own favorite style (mine happens to be Belgian blonds at the moment). And each is more than willing to tell you all about why they liek that particular style.

But, another thing you should know about these beer snobs is that they began their beer journey in much the same way as anyone — buying the major brands. One day they are introduced to the pleasures to be had with craft beers and buy a six-pack or had a pint at a local pub. Suddenly their eyes are opened to this new and wonderful world. A world in which flavor actually existed.

Becoming a beer snob sneaks up on you sometimes. One minute you are perfectly happy drinking an MGD and the next someone puts a pint of a hoppy pale ale in front of you and you are hooked. You begin to seek out more interesting beers and begin crawling the pubs of your town for taps of Rogue, Flying Dog, and Dogfish Head. Slowly you feel yourself changing. Coors no longer holds your interest, you drop it like an infatuation and begin to stalk your true love. You realize, as you are prowling the beer aisle of your local grocery store, looking for Abita beer that you have become a beer snob.

Good beer is an obesession. It gets under your skin and pushes you to try new concoctions. Some go the purest route, only looking for beers made using traditional methods and ingredients. Others look for the more unique brews created by the avant garde brewers of the craft scene. But all agree that beer, in its many forms and style, is good.

In this, the beer festival season, will you become a beer snob? It is the goal of the Springfield Brew Crew to introduce you to as many new beers as we can. So, the question of whether you will become a beer snob, for us, should always be answered, yes!

In the next few weeks, as we get closer to the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival, May 20 at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena, we will talk more aboout how to taste and appreciate new beers. In other words, we are going to try to turn you into a beer snob.

Until next time.

Long Live the Brewers!


Marc Wisdom


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Heading for the Mountains – The Great American Beer Festival in Denver That Is

Once a year beer enthusiasts make the trek to the holiest of grounds, the Great American Beer Festival. This week in Denver, CO, thousands upon thousands of beer aficionados descend upon the Festival in search of the perfect brew, enlightenment into the art of brewing, and the opportunity to mingle with brewers and brew lovers alike.

This is no fly-by-night affair. This year’s sold out event will host 49,000 beer nuts counting the exhibitors, judges, journalists, brewers and attendees. To put that into perspective if you filled Everbank Field 75% full you’d have a pretty close approximation of the number of people who will be at this event.

A few more stats about the event:

  • 29th annual festival.
  • More than 2,200 beers will be in the festival hall—the biggest selection of American beers ever served.
  • 36,000 gallons of beer.
  • 455 U.S. breweries serving in the festival hall.

The event hosts one of the most prestigious beer completions in the nation. Previous breweries which have been honored include, Flying Dog and Pyramid Breweries. Beers which have won gold medals include: Pyramid Apricot Ale by Pyramid Breweries, Lone Star from the Pabst Brewing Co., and Honey Moon Summer Ale from Blue Moon Brewing Co.

For 29 years beer lovers have made the trek to the festival, which has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Boulder, CO.  Back in 1982 the Festival starte4d with just 22 breweries and 40 beers. The stats above are sure to tell you that they have come a very long way. It should also make it clear to you the popularity of beer — particularly craft beers.

The tide is rising for good beers and events such as this slam home the exclamation point on that statement. Jacksonville is quickly moving into the wave of quality beers with a handful of impressive local brews and several watering holes featuring excellent arrays of micro and craft brews.

Here’s to an increased awareness of the lesser known, high-quality beers out there! Beer is good!

Visit the Festivals website at:

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