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Veterans United Craft Brewery grand opening set

VUCB TAPROOMRon Gamble has worn many hats; he was a naval aviator, a contributor to half-a-dozen high-tech startups, a home brewer and finally a head brewer. Over the past six years, Ron has honed his skill at the brew kettle at a variety of operations and is now using his skills to open his own brewery on Jacksonville’s Southside. Gamble’s Veterans United Craft Brewery will welcome the public into its tap room for the first time on Friday, August 22.

The brewery is the culmination of a dream that began over a decade ago when Gamble’s wife Sheryl gave him a True Brew kit and a few books on brewing in 1999. Gamble, the holder of a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Virginia Tech, enjoyed experimenting with the kit and quickly advanced from extract brewing to full mash.

“At a certain point,” Gamble explained. “I found I was more excited about beer and beer-making than high-tech.” So, in 2007, he began working as a brewer at a local brew pub and began the path to opening his own brewery.

As his skills sharpened, Gamble decided he wanted to get a formal education in brewing. He looked into the brewing programs at the University of California, Davis and the Siebel Institute. Ultimately, he decided on Siebel because of the institute’s German education component. He graduated from the Master Brewer program and set about looking for work in the exploding craft brewing industry.

“Going to brew school was like going to college,” Gamble said. “You learn a little, but don’t actually learn a lot until you get out and apply it.” And apply his knowledge Gamble did. Over the next few years he moved from being the brewer at a small brew pub to brew master at New England regional brewery Wachusett Brewing Company.

In 2012, Gamble returned to Jacksonville where he was stationed while serving as a naval aviator attached to the USS Forrestal. The goal of the move was to secure a location, begin the process of building his brand and opening his dream brewery.

“This [Jacksonville] is a wide open market,” Gamble said of his decision to open a brewery in the River City. Jacksonville, in his opinion, has the potential to be a major craft beer powerhouse in Florida. “I’m tired of hearing about Tampa. I want this area to be known [for craft beer].”

Gamble’s new brewery will brew on a 20-barrel, domestically-built brewing system and use 40-barrel fermenters. His plan is to keg his beer for distribution to local bars and restaurants and, soon after opening, can his beers for package and grocery store distribution. Mike Carver has been brought on to take on head brewer duties and Champion Brands, who also distributes Intuition Ale Works, Aardwolf Brewing Company and Pinglehead Brewing Company, will distribute beer for Veterans United.

But, brewing beer is not the only goal Gamble has for his new business. As part of his outreach to the community, Gamble plans to work closely with the local veteran community. To that end, Bob Buehn, a former squadron-mate of Gamble’s, was brought on board as Military and Veterans liaison.  Buehn’s task is to seek out ways to give back to the community and the military, “in a focused way.”

The military thread runs through much of what the brewery does even down to the name and logo. The name, Veterans United Craft Brewing is a nod to, “…taking the passion and enthusiasm from when I was serving,” Gamble said. The logo prominently features aviator’s wings and a nautical star. Both nods to Gamble’s service in the Navy.

“Beer is an every person’s drink. It is a social lubricant,” said Gamble. “I want to be sure as a brewer we are doing the right things.”

With a passion for brewing and a keen eye for precision and quality, Gamble seems to have hit on a winning recipe. Taste the fruits of his labors for yourself at the grand opening of his brewery and tap room Friday, August 22 beginning at 5:00 p.m. The festivities will include food truck, live music and brewery tours.

Veterans United Craft Brewery
8999 Western Way
Jacksonville, FL 32256

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Jax Craft & Import Beer Festival filmed by SmartMedia tv

The 2014 Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival has passed with another successful run. Over 2,500 guests attended and tasted several hundred different beers. In addition, there was plenty of food to try, music and fun. On the main arena floor the corn hole courts were in constant use as the bands played to the crowd’s delight.

During the course of the evening, the folks from SmartMedia tv were going around interviewing guests and participants. During the height of the event, they even caught up with me for an interview. Take a look below.


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New Jacksonville brewery Veterans United Craft Brewery expected to open in May

Veterans-United-Craft-Brewery-WebSome preliminary information is emerging about the next brewery that will open in Jacksonville. Veteran United Craft Brewery is expected to begin brewing in May of this year. Ron Gamble, a former Naval Flight Officer, secured funds last year through Florida First Capital using their Vet Loan Advantage Program.

While information is limited at this early stage in the brewery’s development, it is known that the brewery will be built in the Baymeadows area of Jacksonville off of Southside Boulevard. The brewery will feature three main styles of beer at first along with seasonal and special releases. The exact styles to be brewed are not set in stone yet, but all will be produced in small batches. Veterans United has plans to can their beers for sale through distribution to local – and further down the road regional – outlets. In the meantime, the brewery plans to keg beer for sale to restaurants and bars as well as operate a taproom at the brewery site.

Gamble has previously served as a brewmaster at several New England breweries.


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Jacksonville Brewery Infographic — Cause everyone should know where to find good beer in Jax

I had so much fun with the infographic from yesterday, I decided to make another one. This time I look at Jacksonville’s local craft beer breweries. Enjoy and be sure to pass on to your friends!


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Jacksonville’s King Street Beer District infographic

Lately I have been really into infographics. I love the way they can convey a lot of information in an easy to understand format. In the spirit of these fun graphics, I have created the image below for your enjoyment. I hope you like it and will share it with your friends.King_Street_Infographic


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