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Fiz Brewery Management game now available for iOS and Android

photo-littleFor all those who ever dreamt of starting their own brewery, Bit By Bit Studios has developed a new iOS and Android game app called Fiz that provides the experience. The new app, available in both the Android Store and iTunes, takes players from a small garage brewing operation to a world-renowned brewing operation.

The game was the brainstorm of Sean Sanders. The idea came to him while he was attending a beer festival where he fantasized about being behind a booth serving his own brew. So, after quitting his job at a studio, Sanders began development of the game in July 0f 2013. A few months later Kelly O’Donnell joined the project as artist. The duo launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Android and iOS versions on Feb 8, 2013, which successfully funded March 11, 2013. After months of development and a few setbacks, the game released December 12, 2013.

The game boasts a host of features including:

  • No waiting or in-app purchases. Play for minutes or hours at a time.
  • 20+ Hours of gameplay in a single play-through.
  • 70+ Recipes to discover.
  • 20+ Employees to hire.
  • 60+ Randomly selected Events and Competitions.
  • 25+ Marketplaces to research and master.
  • “New Game +” mode and randomized content for multiple play-throughs.

The game starts out with the player naming their brewing company and choosing from a host of several characters both male and female. Next, the game takes the player through a tutorial to acquaint them with the game controls and tasks including creating a recipe, assigning jobs and craft points that improve beer output. Mastery of the game requires careful management of many attributes.

Bit By Bit Studios is an American independent game studio focusing on tools and mobile game development. The company was founded by Sanders in June 2012. That month, BXB released its first product: Virtual Controls Suite – a set of customizable control components for touch screen devices, available on the Unity Asset Store and via Bit By Bit Studios’ website. As of January 1 2013, Virtual Controls Suite has sold over 200 copies in 6 months and has appeared several times on the Top 10 Paid and Top 10 Grossing list for the Scripting category in the Unity Asset Store.

The game costs $1.99 to download in the app stores and the company promises to keep players abreast of new developments on an every-other-month basis.

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The Beer Hunter – The Movie in Production

Michael Jackson (writer)

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In the beer world, Michael Jackson is a legend. I am not talking about the single-gloved pop star, I’m talking about another Michael Jackson, a British journalist and writer that championed the rise of craft brewing and wrote prolifically about the many wonderful aspects of beer.

Jackson’s 1977 book, The World Guide to Beer, is still considered one of the most seminal and definitive works on the subject. Much of the current wisdom on beer styles is based on this book, elevating Jackson to beer guru supreme. His later work, Michael Jackson’s Great Beers of Belgium, revealed his great affection for the beers of Belgium and contributed to the worldwide popularity of Belgian styles garnering him an appointment of honorary officer of the Ridderschap van de Roerstok in 1997. This award, presented to Jackson by the Crown Prince of Belgium, was previously only given to brewers in Belgium.

Jackson also appeared on a popular television program broadcast on The Discovery Channel called The Beer Hunter. Jackson considered beer as a component of culture and described beers in their cultural context. Jackson’s influence is widely credited for the popularization of the brewing culture in North America.

In December of 2006, it was revealed that Jackson had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease since the mid 1990’s as well as having diabetes. He died of a heart attack on August 2007 at the age of 65.

Now, according to an article on Beer Advocate (, a documentary incorporating rare footage of Jackson shot between 2004 and 2006 is being produced, but needs the assistance of the craft beer community.

According to the article, “…the film is an intimate tribute to the legendary British journalist and writer who championed the rise of craft brewing…”

A quote from the director in the Beer Advocate story says:

“I have over sixty hours of priceless footage of Michael that needs to be seen,” says Director J.R. Richards, “but we really need help to see us through the final stages. I also want to tell some of Michael’s story. There’s so much more to his career than many of his fans know.” To that end, the producers would like to gather current interviews from the world’s leading brewers, distillers, and writers talking about Michael’s history and his significant contributions towards craft brewing and distilling. According to J.R., “a film is the best way to actually bring people together, to raise a pint in honor of Michael. And Kickstarter seems the perfect platform for the craft brewing community to get involved directly in the success of this project.”

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Backers are rewarded at various levels, and backers of the Beer Hunter movie will be entitled to limited edition DVDs, t-shirts, posters, and VIP tickets to premiers, but only if the funding goal is reached by January 29th.

Pledges raised through Kickstarter will go towards gathering current footage and help provide for soundtrack, post-production, distribution and captioning costs. “We have backers and supporters from over 20 countries already, and potential screenings lined up on every continent,” according to J.R. “This is very much a grass-roots, global effort. We’d also like to make a series from all the footage not used in the film, to be distributed as an open-source, online archive for fans of Michael, and craft beer, around the world.” The producers are encouraging all screenings of the film to be fundraisers to benefit Parkinson’s research, and would like to hold annual events in Michael’s memory.

For more information on the campaign, see it on Kickstarter:


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