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New Belgium joins with Winter Park ski resort

new-belgium-brewery-logoSnow skiers that are also craft beer lovers have reason to rejoice during their après ski celebrations at Winter Park Resort in Colorado. According to an article in the Denver Business Journal, skiers will be able to purchase New Belgium products throughout the resort.

In an era of collaborations, the New Belgium/Winter Park pairing is notable because both companies are titans in Colorado. Winter Park is the fourth largest ski resort in the state and New Belgium is the largest craft brewer in Colorado and the third largest in the country. Bringing these two companies together is a major coup for both.

In the Denver Business Journal article, New Belgium spokesman Bryan Simpson  said, “Winter Park is a Colorado institution and we’re delighted to be pouring our beers at the end of the day. There is something absolutely blissful about riding and skiing hard all day and wrapping that up with a well-earned beer with friends.”

Skiers and visitors to the resort can expect to find New Belgium flagship brews like Fat Tire and Ranger along with seasonals and specialty beers. In addition, the brewery will create a new beer exclusively for the resort named Mary Jane Ale after the popular back bowl skiing area. Mary Jane will be a hoppy ale perfect for those who like a little bite from their brews.

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New Belgium releases new Lips of Faith brew

salted_chocSalted chocolate is a real thing. At least is has become one over the past few years. The combination of the sweet, rich milk chocolate mixed with just a few grains of sea salt was magical. Now, it seems the salted chocolate phenomenon has spread to everything, including a new beer from New Belgium in collaboration with Perennial Artisan Ales. The two breweries put their collective creative juices together and came up with the newest entry into the Lips of Faith series: Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout.

The cooler autumn weather calls for a richer beer and Salted Belgium Chocolate Stout provides those qualities in abundance. The result of a friendship between Lauren Salazar, New Belgium’s wood beer czar and specialty brands manager, and the team at Perennial, this beer combines roasted barley and caramel malts to create a stout with a dark pour and tan head atop. Belgian yeast paired with a chocolate addition inspires rich aromas to complement a coffee tone. The beer has a hint of tobacco and dried fruit, along with a touch of mild salt, which boosts sweetness and enhances a roasty bitterness that every craft stout deserves.

“We wanted to brew a stout with a twist and the result is a decadent treat,” said Salazar. “It’s a fun and highly collaborative beer that combines some of our favorite things in a glass. We loved working with Perennial on this one. You can’t help but sip this stout and think, ‘it doesn’t get much better.’”

Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout is 9 percent ABV and 35 IBUs. It’s available in 22 oz. bombers and on draft. Pricing varies by location. To find New Belgium beers near you, use the New Belgium Libation Location tool:

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New Belgium announces fall line up

newbelgiumNew Belgium Brewing Company, the makers of beer-lover favorite Fat Tire, has announced their fall beer line up. The collection includes a return of the popular Pumpkick pumpkin ale, a return entry from the Lips of Faith series Le Terroir American sour ale and a new entry to the Hop Kitchen series called Hop the Pond.

After debuting last year, Pumpkick is back with new label artwork, but the same great taste that made it a popular new entry into the crowded pumpkin beer category. Pumpkick is a spiced ale brewed with pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. It has a unique, tart kick from cranberries and a hint of lemongrass. Added oats cream up the mouthfeel, making this anything but your typical pumpkin beer. Pumpkick is 6 percent ABV and 18 IBUs. It is available in 12 oz. bottles and draft now through October.

It is no secret that new Belgium is embarking on an extensive sour beer program. The company made news several years ago when they actively began installing new foudres, wooden tanks used to age sour beers. This season, the Lips of Faith series adds Le Terroir, a dry-hopped American sour ale packing the bold, hoppy nose of an American IPA and all the pucker of a well-crafted sour. Le Terroir is a French term meaning “of the earth,” and references the environmental conditions that affect the beer.

“Our wooden barrels age sour beer in varying temperatures, humidity and vibrations,” said New Belgium’s Specialty Brand Manager, Lauren Salazar. “Add in another variable by dry-hopping with peachy, mango-like Amarillo hops and we’ve created a beer that changes every time we brew it.”

The Amarillo hops serve as an aromatic complement to its complex, wood-aged backbone, leaving no bitterness. A juicy finish rounds it out. Le Terroir is 7.5 percent ABV and available in 22 oz. bombers and on draft now through December.

The final beer in New Belgium’s fall releases comes from the brewery’s Hop Kitchen series. Hop the Pond is a double IPA brewed with Admiral hops from England, Galaxy hops from Australia, Styrian Dana hops and Citra hops from the U.S. This beer hints of malty sweetness with big bitterness that bounds in with a full, fireball temperament. Brewed with raw international materials, Hop the Pond is a potent mixture of tropical fruits and herbal, resinous notes. Its diverse flavors and aromas will bounce truly adventurous hopheads around the world in 80 IBUs. Hop the Pond is 8 percent ABV and is available on draft now until it’s gone.

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New Belgium announces 2014 film festival, accepting submissions

COF logo_camera 1 clrMost of us know New Belgium Brewing Company for their outstanding brews such as Fat Tire and Ranger IPA. But, there is much more to this socially conscious company. An example of this is the brewery’s annual Clips Beer & Film festival that will take place in 21 cities across the U.S. later year. The festival is unique in that the films are produced by beer lovers and festival goers sit under the stars, enjoy New Belgium beers and watch the original films while raising money for local nonprofits. 

clips2Approximately 20 short films will be selected from those entered in the competition. Selected films will be from 10 seconds to five minutes long on a variety of topics and in several categories. Films may be about craft beer, activism/advocacy, humor, culture, adventure, art or just good old fun. Filmmakers are competing for trophy beer in a custom screen-printed bottle made exclusively for the winners. In addition, they will receive a limited edition, hand-forged Clips belt buckle. 

“The selected filmmakers have the opportunity to share their passion with thousands of people across the country, win unique prizes, and of course bragging rights,” said Christie Catania, Clips National Special Events Manager in a press release January 16. 

In the past tour film topics have ranged from the quest for the ultimate full moon shot, a duel to be the hippest hipster, homebrewing in a small New York City apartment, a documentary about controversial water rights and a tale of lizard wrangling in Wisconsin. 

But, perhaps the most important part of the film festival is that it is a philanthropic venture with 100% of the proceeds from beer sales going to local nonprofits. Over the four year run of the event has raised over $366,000 for nonprofits nationwide. Last year alone nearly 22,000 people sampled beer, viewed films, and raised nearly $158,000.

 “The Clips tour is a philanthropic celebration of the creativity of craft brewing and film,” said Catania. 

New Belgium is accepting submissions through April 1st at and selects approximately 20 films each season. Filmmakers must be at least 21 years old and must secure rights for all elements included in the film. The 2014 schedule will be announced soon.

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New Belgium expands sour beer brewing capacity

new-belgium-brewery-logoSeveral years ago when I visited Belgium, the first beer I ordered at a bar there was Cantillion’s Gueuze. As it was a particularly chilly and rainy night, I was the only patron in the bar and the bartender and bar staff was all standing around near the end of the bar where I sat. The bartender, deducing that I was American – I think the accent gave it away – asked me if I was sure that that was the beer I wanted. “It is not like any American beer you have ever had,” he said.

Having done my research before I left the States, I knew that that was exactly what I wanted. So, I replied, “That’s the point.”

The entire staff watched as I took my first sip of the powerfully sour brew, expecting a negative reaction. What they got was a surprise because I absolutely loved it. Thus began my love affair with sour beers. Over the next nine days of my vacation I took the opportunity to drink as many sour beers as I could find. In Belgium, that is not very difficult to do.

Now, three years later, the craft beer craze is beginning to turn to sours as the next big thing. Here in Jacksonville I have had the opportunity to taste several locally-produced Berliner Weiss brews, one from Aardwolf and one from Intuition. Both were excellent with Aardwolf’s version being the more sour of the two.

One larger craft brewer that has been experimenting with sour beers for some time now is, not surprisingly, New Belgium out of Ft. Collins, Colo. In fact, the brewery has been making sour beers since 1998 when Peter Bouckaert, formerly of Redenbach inBelgium, joined the company. Rodenhbach is known for their deliciously sour beers and Boukaert wanted to bring some of that to his new home in the United States. The result was La Folie, part of the brewery’s Lips of Faith series of beers.

Just the other day I received a press release from New Belgium detailing the expansion of the wood-aged sour beer program. This is a welcome expansion to sour beer lovers like myself that is sure to produce even more delightfully sour and complex beers.

The entire press release is below:

Ft. Collins, Colo. – November 20, 2013 –  New Belgium Brewing is about to double its wood beer capacity with the addition of 32 new French Oak foeders (large wooden casks for conditioning sour beer) that will bring their total foeder count to 64. Space has been allocated, reinforced concrete flooring has been poured, and the first 12 foeders will be put in place this week. The expansion will allow New Belgium to effectively double its wood beer production in coming years. New Belgium first began making wood-aged sour beers in the form of the award-winning La Folie in 1998 when Brewmaster, Peter Bouckaert, joined the brewery. Bouckaert formerly brewed at Rodenbach in Belgium, home of the Flanders style, Rodenbach Red.

“With this expansion, we’ll get so close to that feeling I had the first time I walked through the forest of foeders at Rodenbach,” said New Belgium’s Wood Cellar Manager/Blender, Lauren Salazar. “Just knowing they’re all full of souring beer – ALL of them – is exciting. It’s a destination. Something you have to experience first hand.”

New Belgium has been experimenting with lighter and blended sour beers through its Lips of Faith program since 2003. The brewery will use this expansion to bring Lips of Faith offerings like Tart Lychee and Eric’s Ale into year round production by 2015. The newest set of oak foeders are 130 hectoliters each and come from Sterling vineyards in California. After the initial installation of 12 in November, 20 more foeders will be placed in December. Once rehydration is complete, sour beer from the current wood cellar will be used to inoculate the barrels with resident souring bacteria and wild yeasts. The beer will then age up to two years before it is blended.

On February 1st, 2014 New Belgium will hold its second annual Lost in the Woods party where guests can mingle and experience the wonders of wood beer first hand.  Check back in mid-December for details at


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