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Beer plentiful at One Spark 2015

one_spark_beerFor the past three years, One Spark has been drawing thousands of people to Jacksonville’s downtown core. The crowds are festive, entertainment is plentiful and pitches come rapid-fire as ‘Creators’ try to connect with potential voters and investors. And, because no festival is complete without food and drink, four entire city blocks have been set aside to feed the hungry masses. In addition, there are two official beer gardens, one on private property and a smattering of beer booths – both official and private throughout the festival’s footprint.

The official beer gardens, one on Forsyth Street and another on Hogan Street adjacent to the landing, feature two beers brewed exclusively for One Spark by Intuition Ale Works. Now producing the brews for the third year, Intuition supplied over 400 barrels of One Spark Kolsch and One Spark Alt for the festival.

Both beers are based on the German beers of the same names. Kolsch is one of only a few beers brewed in Germany that is an ale, most others are lagers. Traditionally Kolsch is brewed in Cologne, Germany and is the country’s answer to English Pale Ales. The brew is straw yellow in color and possess an assertive, but not over-powering hop flavor.

“It’s kind of unique because it is a rebel beer,” Ben Davis, owner of Intuition Ale Works said of One Spark Kolsch at the festival’s Opening Ceremony. “It did not really follow the German purity laws.”

In Germany, beer is a restricted product that is supposed to fit into the strict Reinheitsgebot of 1487, sometimes called the “German Beer Purity Law” or the “Bavarian Purity Law.” The regulation sought to control the ingredients that could be used in brewing by restricting brewers to just water, barley malt and hops. Barley malt was specified so as to keep brewers from competing with bakers who used wheat and rye for bread. Later, in 1993, the Purity Law was replaced by the Provisional German Beer Law in 1993, which allows constituent components prohibited in the Reinheitsgebot, such as yeast, wheat malt and cane sugar.

The other beer produced by Intuition for One Spark is an Alt. Like Kolsch, Alt is an ale that is closely associated with Dusseldorf, Germany. Alt, or Altbier as it is known in Geramny, is copper-colored, cool-fermented, cold-conditioned, clean-tasting, with an aromatic hop presence, a firm creamy head, a medium body, and a dry finish. The Intuition version of the beer also presents a nutty, caramel-like flavor that satisfies thirsty One Spark visitors.

“Just like the Kolsch, Alt is a rebel beer,” Said Davis. “I did not really abide by the German law. So, it’s kind of a beer we really like to make because most craft beer breweries are kind of disruptors.”

In addition to the official brews of One Spark, several private groups are offering beer during the festival. Outside of the Burro Bar at the corner of Ocean Street and Adams Street, several taps of SweetWater Brewing Company beers are set up for festival goers to grab as they walk by. And at the Laura Street Trio at the corner of Laura Street and Adams Street, a beer garden has been set up with brews from Session, Unibroue and hard ciders from McKenzie’s.

Beer at the official tents will cost you $6 for a 16-ounce pour or $12 for a 22-ounce souvenir pilsner glass with a fill and $6 refills. Beer at the Laura Street Trio cost $5 for a 16-ounce pour.

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One Spark features several beer-centric creators

one_sparkLast year Jacksonville played host city to a new and innovative event founded to help artists, inventors and innovators find funding for the projects they are so passionate about. That event, the first of its kind in the world, was a smashing success and brought thousands of people from all over the world to the downtown core of Jacksonville. That event was One Spark, a five-day festival that show-cased hundreds of hopeful participants vying for a piece of a purse that was distributed according to how visitors voted. Beginning Wednesday, April 9, the second annual One Spark festival will kick off over 20 square blocks of downtown. Among the creators this year are a number of beer-centric ventures that hope to garner some favor and walk away with their piece of this year’s $300,000 pot.

In addition to the creators, One Spark will feature a Craft Beer Village sponsored by Sea Best Seafood  that will highlight the delicious beers of Intuition Ale Works. For this year’s festival the Jacksonville brewery created to beers; One Spark Kolsch and One Spark Alt Ales. Both are examples of the only two German ales styles. Kolsch is a lighter, crisp brew that has a low hop profile and a refreshing, clean finish. The German Alt style is characterized by its amber color and malty flavors.

The festival will also feature a food village sponsored by San Marco Dining District. Attendees will be able to dine on gourmet cuisine from local restaurants such as Bistro Aix, BB’s, Matthew’s Taveran and the Grotto. But, if street food is more your style, a wide selection of local food trucks will be hawking their dishes in the two-block-long district.

Whether you go to One Spark to socialize with thousands of other attendees, to grab a cold beer and a great bite to eat or to browse the creators’ booths, you are sure to have a great time.

Some of the beer-centric booths you do not want to miss include:

Gastrofest 2015

The folks behind this idea – an eclectic group consisting of Erin Thursby, Kamron Perry and Nathaniel Price – want to bring the Jacksonville culinary scene to the forefront with a festival that incorporates craft beer, food truck fare and fine dining in a gastronomical festival; Gastrofest 2015. The group is seeking $24,000 in funding to market, promote and organize their event.

Placemaking Lager

Many who are aware of some of the major events that happen in downtown Jacksonville are certainly familiar with the name Tony Allegretti. Allegretti is the man whose vision started the popular first Wednesday of each month downtown event known as Art Walk. For One Spark Allegretti is seeking $20,000 to begin contract brewing, canning and distributing Placemaker Lager. In his description on the One Spark web site, Allegeretti says, “Placemaking Lager is a bit of a radical idea that goes beyond the excellent quality of local craft beer. It also forms a conduit between events and people and creates a way for non-profits to benefit directly.

Brewing Up a Bier Garten

Jacksonville Beach beer-lovers are no doubt well aware of the fine craft beer brewed and served at Engine 15 Brewing Company. Kara Scremin wants to build a three-part brewery and rain-water recovery system that Engine 15 will use at their new brewery on Myrtle Avenue. The goal is to reuse waste water from the brewery’s operations along with rain-water to irrigate the on-site bier garten, clean equipment and eventually make beer. The group is seeking $20,000.

Golden Isles Brewing Supply

Joshua Austin is a man who loves beer. He is the owner of Risen Dead Brewing, LLC and the president of the Golden Isles Brewing Club in Brunswick, Ga. He and his peers in the home brewing community have noticed a distinct absence of quality brewing supplies in the Brunswick area. Austin’s goal is to raise enough money to open a brewing supply store that specializes in, “high quality ingredients, affordable equipment, apparel, and more. We plan to keep costs low through low overhead and great product selection.” He seeks $5,000.

I Know Jax Mobile Magazine

Joe Talentino has been bringing Jacksonville viewers fun and exciting information on local restaurants, events and – shameless plug – the Beer Guy, for over 100 episodes on his CW17 television show ‘I Know Jax.’ With this One Spark project he wants to take the same enthusiasm he has for his television show to mobile mediums. Of the project, Talentino says, “I Know Jax Mobile Magazine will focus on positive stories about fun things to do, food and dining, outdoor activities, sports, culture and much more.” To make his dream a reality, Talentino is seeking $7,500 for computer equipment and programming.

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Intuition Ale Works creates two brews for One Spark

onesparkAt a recent kick-off party for the Downtown is on Fire initiative, Intuition Ale Works debuted their Smoke IPA. But, if recent wins by the brewery are any indication, it seems that they are just as on fire as downtown. For the second year in a row, the brewery has been tapped as the Official Brewery of One Spark, billed as ‘The World’s Crowdfunding Festival.’

Intuition will be brewing two limited release beers for One Spark 2014 instead of just one like last year. According to a press release from the brewery, demand for last year’s One Spark Kölsch was so high that the decision was made to add another brew to the lineup this year.

In addition to One Spark Kölsch, a smooth German-style ale with mild hops and a crisp finish inspired by the kölsch beers of Cologne, Germany, Intuition will brew One Spark Alt. The new beer is inspired by the altbiers brewed in Dusseldorf, Germany and is an amber malty brew with a smooth finish. Interestingly, the beers are examples of the two ale styles produced in otherwise lager-dominated Germany.

Intuition Ale Works founder Ben Davis decided to create the second brew due to the wildly successful nature of the One Spark event last year as well as the enthusiastic acceptance of One Spark Kölsch. Of the event, Davis said, “People can use One Spark to directly support the ideas of others. As a Jacksonville native and small business owner, I know that supporting our downtown core with events like these and contributing to the spirit of innovation will be vital to our city in years to come.”

One Spark is a five-day event that connects people with great ideas to the resources they need to bring those ideas to fruition. The festival runs from April 9 to April 13, 2014 in a 20-square-block, multi-Venue gallery in downtown Jacksonville, Fla.  Artists, entrepreneurs and innovators display their ideas for all to see and vote on. Attendees vote on the projects they like the best to distribute nearly $300,000 in funds.

Davis has proven to be an outspoken and unwavering downtown advocate with his involvement in the afore mentioned Downtown is on Fire campaign. His Smoke IPA was inspired by and created exclusively for downtown Jacksonville only as part of the movement and should be appearing on tap at bars and restaurants in the city core now. For a list of locations serving Smoke IPA, go to the Downtown Marketing Collaborative’s website:

One Spark and One Spark Alt will be available on draft at the One Spark Festival in the San Marco Dining District Food Village and at beer kiosks set up throughout downtown Jacksonville during the festival.



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