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Intuition mentioned on Sports Illustrated website

If you had any doubt that Intuition Ale Works in Jacksonville, Fla. was a world class brewery, those doubts should be put aside in light of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column yesterday, Aug. 6. King is a sports columnist on Sports Illustrated magazine’s website and is known for occasionally ending his columns with a tidbit about his coffee and beer infatuations. On Aug. 6 he lamented the lack of a Starbucks in downtown Jacksonville and mentioned that Intuition’s brews gave Sweetwater 420 a real run for its money.

King’s said in his column, “The Beer of the Week (and trust me, there was a lot of competition, particularly from Intuition Brewery in Jacksonville) is Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale, which made me think I was back in Seattle. Really crisp and wonderful on the palate.”

But, for locals, Intuition’s People’s Pale Ale takes the top honors. One needs look no further than beer rating website Beer Advocate for confirmation. On Beer Advocate, users are allowed to provide a short review of beers they have tasted and then assign the beer a rating in five different categories; appearance, smell, taste, mouthfeel, and overall impression.

On the site both beers fare well and fall in to the good category. Local drinkers of People’s may disagree with that assessment and find the beer to more than merely good, but that is the rating on the site. Commenters said the brew was, “Surprisingly hoppy for a PA (Pale Ale),” and “A nice hoppy aroma with obvious citrus and piney notes.” Others thought that the brew was closer to an IPA than a Pale Ale with a nod towards big Pale Ales such as Oskar Blues’ Dale’s Pale Ale. Overall the beer earned an 83 out of 100 average score from reviewers.

Sweetwater 420, a regional beer brewed in Atlanta, Ga., also rated an 83 from site users; however the site’s originators and top tasters known as “The Bros” rank the brew an 80, giving People’s a slight edge. Reviewers said 420’s aroma “is more English hop than the pine/fruit west coast hops,” and its flavor was “All malt taste with a minimal amount of hop flavor, just mildly spicy.”

Whichever way you look at it, though, both brews are quality beers just made in different sub-styles. Where People’s is a true west coast Pale Ale with it big, near IPA hoppiness, 420 is a milder less hoppy Pale Ale more reminiscent of an English style. Jacksonville, locals will likely line up on the side of People’s while Atlanta beer-lovers are sure to stand behind their local favorite 420. And that is as it should be, locals sticking up for their home-town favorites.

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Intuition Ale Works Ladies’ Night

Ladies, are you looking for a fun and friendly place to go for a great beer at a great price on Thursday evenings? Well look no further than Inuition Ale Works because Thursday nights are ladies’ nights at Intuition!

Ladies you will get $1 off pints of delicious bers such as Golden Spiral, People’s Pale Ale, King Street Stout, or any of the nine or so other locally crafted beer they serve. And, to top it off,  Intuition will be donate $1 from every pint sold to a different charity each month. So, you can get your drink on and be socially conscious at the same time!

During the month of May proceeds from Thursday ladies’ nights will go to Community Connections.

Community Connections believes that every child deserves to have a loving start in life with parents who know how to care for them, safe places where they can play and learn, and a decent place to live. Sadly, many families in Jacksonville are homeless or don’t have access to quality childcare, after school programs and summer programs. Community Connections provides that connection so families can grow stronger every day.

For more information, visit

Inuition Ale Works has emerged as a great champion of local causes and deserves your support in their quest to work with the various charities they work with.
Ladies’ Night prices are avaialble from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Come on out and support the cause, drink the beer, and make some new friends!

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Intuition Ale Works Grand Opening

Yesterday Jacksonville’s newest brewery opened the doors of its tap room and event area to the public. From the size of the crowd and the smiles on everyone’s faces, it was a very welcome addition!

I got to the brewery early and red t-shirt clad employees were scurrying around completing last minutes tasks and adding finishing touches. The event area — essentially the warehouse area next to the brewery — is now decked out with a plank wood bar and a large chalkboard with the beers current available. The area is large and airy, a cool breeze blowing through the open dock doors kept it comfortable for the large crowd.

And then there is the Tap Room. A combination of old and new, brick and chrome, dark high-top tables and concrete floor make it a welcoming, eclectic area sure to become many beer afficianados favorite hang out. The addition of a few televisions with sporting events on them would make it a mecca for sports-loving Jacksonvillians looking for great beer.

Four beers were being served for the Grand Opening; People’s Pale Ale, King Street Stout (which was already good upon my last tasting a few weeks ago, but has now fully matured and is my favorite IAW beer), Riverside Red, and the as yet un-named wheat beer. In fact, they were having a contest to name the wheat beer. My entries; Wild Westside Wheat and Will “Wheat”on.

The crowd at the opening was huge, many lined up outside the gate to be one of the first to be in the Brewery Mug Club (I got number 11 — the frirst 10 numbers were reserved). With only a little over a hundred memberships available, it was obvious that the club would fill up quickly. And, by the time I left around 6:00 PM it looked as if it had.

Once inside, the crowd was animated and friendly. Everyone was enjoying themselves, discussing the beer in very positive and complimentary fashion. Groups of friends gathered around the tables set up in the warehouse, milled around and laughter filled the brewery.

The day was an unqualified success and a testiment to the hunger the Jacksonville area has for great beer. Now with Bold City and Inuition Ale Works only a few short blocks apart and Kickback’s just a few blocks as well, we have the makings of Jacksonville Brewery/Pub district. With luck we will see more great establishments like Intuition Ale Works poppin up soon!

Congratulations to Ben and the gang at Intuition. A job well done!

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Intuition Ale Works at Art Walk

One does not normally think of the first Wednesday Jacksonville tradition known as Art Walk as a beer type of event. But, this month, at The Buritto Gallery, Brewer Ben of Intuition Ale Works was on hand pouring their brand-spanking new People’s Pale Ale. Having heard this through annonymous sources, I felt it was my solumn duty to stop by and have a pint.

Mmmm…. Good stuff….


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Intuition Ale Works Preview Tour

Yesterday I had the pleasure of touring the soon-to-be-open Intuition Ale Works. Grand Opening of the Tap Room is scheduled for November 20th and promises to be a great time for all if the preview is any indication.

A group of perhaps 25 beer lovers, including myself and two other Brew Crew members arrived at 1:00 PM yesterday for our preview and, more importantly, to be among the first to taste Intuition’s brews. Upon arrival we were welcomed and given an Intuition pint glass. The brewery is huge! At 12,000 square feet it offers plenty of room for expansion. Lined up on the far wall from where we entered were the fermentation and brew tanks.

We mosied on over where Ben Davis, the mastermind and brew master, awaited us with a cold keg of his signature brew, People’s Pale Ale.

The Ale is refreshing without being overly hopped. It has beautiful color and a very floral nose. Crew members agreed that it was a superior and drinkable ale perfect for a Saturday afternoon drink.

When the rest of the group had gathered in front of the tanks, Ben spoke for a few moments about his brewing philosophy and desire to brew a craft beer that Jacksonville can be proud to call its own. This man knows his beer and is passionate about his product. It shows in the the pale ale he served us first and the other two brews he tapped directly from the tanks.

The second beer we tasted was his red ale. The nose on this awesome brew is very citrus forward and the color is a deep red as the name implies.

Finally, we tasted Ben’s stout. Of the three this was my favorite. Where most stouts tend to be overly coffee or chocolate flavored, Intuition’s is mild, smooth and delicious. This is a brew that will become a very good friend of mine.

For the time-being, Intuition will only be available on tap. But, sometime in the future Ben plans to put in a bottling line. Until then, plan to look for Intuition in bars and pubs throughout the area and, of course, in the Tap Room.

We’ll be there November 20th to welcome this great new addition to the Jacksonville brewing scene.

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