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Most expensive and cheapest places in world to get a beer

beerThe next time you complain about the price of the beer you drink, consider what beer-lovers in Tripoli, Libya cough up for a draft pint (technically .5L): $9.30. Talk about hitting a guy where it hurts! In contrast, the cheapest beer in the world can be had in Guangzhou, China where imbibers need only pay $0.36. Clearly, there is a disparity in price around the world for the third most popular drink after tea and water.

The city pricing data comes courtesy of Quartz ( a consumer news blog. Quartz, having seen an article on Thrillist ( about the countries around the world with the cheapest beer wanted to dig a bit deeper.

Turns out that the country with the cheapest average cost for a pint is Vietnam where beer is served – almost sacrilegiously – on ice for about $0.76 for a 12oz glass although it is not uncommon to find bia hoi for as low as $0.20. At the higher end of the top five cheapest countries to get beer is Ethiopia where you can expect to drink a beer called St. George’s Lager for just $0.93 a pint. St. George’s Lager is named after the country’s patron saint and has been brewed since the 1920s. Should you ever decide you would like a taste of it, the brew is sold at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park for considerably more than the price in Africa.

Other countries on the top five cheapest beer list include the Philippines, Ukraine and Cambodia. Cities that will set you back the most for a pint include four cities in Norway and one in both Sweden and Denmark. Apparently, beer is very expensive throughout Scandinavia.

Read the entire articles about the price of beer at the links below and be happy that you are only paying $5 or so for that pint at your local tap room. It could be worse.

Quartz: The cites with the cheapest beer in the world

Thrillist: Where’s the cheapest beer in the world

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In the spirit of Tap ‘n’ Run; running and chugging

beer mileWith the Jacksonville Tap ‘n’ Run coming up this weekend (article at:, I thought that this article from January 2102 might be of interest to local Tap ‘n’ Runners. Or, at least it might give them something to aspire to. By the way, if you still have not purchased your tickets to the Tap ‘n’ Run taking place Saturday, April 13, you can get them at a discount by using the code “FRIENDOFBEER” when you check out at:

Running and Chugging

Frequently I search the Internet for interesting beer news to relay here on the Springfield Brew Crew Blog. Today, as I searched and aimlessly followed a labyrinth of links into the bowels of the web I came across something that caught my eye. And then, in conjunction with that item, I found another. I’ll detail my second discovery later, but today I am going to tell you about an odd alliance between running and beer.

It has long been known that beer is an excellent source of carbohydrates and many athletes will drink a pint after their event to replenish lost energy. Some will even drink before to carbo-load their muscles with energy. But, until today, I had never heard of drinking beer while running a mile. Not only is this an established sport, there are a surprising number of events known as Beer Miles going on all over the country and the world.

The origination of the beer mile is shrouded in mystery, but it is generally accepted that the sport began right here in Florida on a college campus. Which college campus is not mentioned, but I think we can all figure that one out on our own. The first set of rules emerged from a group of milers in Kingston, Canada. In the U.K, Australia, and New Zealand, the event is called the Chunder Mile. The rules vary slightly in that an Imperial pint – or 20 ounces – of beer must be consumed from any drinking vessel the runner desires. But, in North America, the Kinston Rules have gone on to be adopted by most beer-milers with few modifications.

Website publishes an extensive FAQ on the sport along with the more-or-less accepted rules for North America. The idea of the sport is to run a mile while consuming four beers in a specific order – beer, run a quarter-mile, beer, run again, beer, run some more, beer, stumble to the finish line. A runner must drink the first beer before he or she begins to run and must complete each subsequent beer before continuing the run. Should a runner not be able to hold their beer down, they must complete a fifth penalty lap. Beer must be consumed from a standard 12 ounce beer can with no alterations or “Easy Pour” mouths – meaning that “shot-gunning” a beer is strictly prohibited. Beer must be no less than 5% ABV to qualify as a suitable beer for completion. The entire competition is timed and the winner is lauded at the end.

To date, the fastest officially-recorded beer mile was completed in 5:09.0; a seemingly miraculous feat that may never be beaten.


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Brit celebrates 72 years of pints at same pub

If ever there was a beer lover of beer lovers, Arthur Reid is just that. Reid, now 90 years old, has been taking his daily pints of bitter at the same pub for over 72 years. By some estimation, he has drunk over 30,000 pints of brew at his favorite pub, The Griffin on London Road in the tiny village of Warmly, UK about 115 miles west of London.

On the occasion of his birthday recently, Reid’s sister Margaret Lee-Sze-Tsiok, 65, installed a gold engraved plaque on the back of his favorite chair tucked into what is known to other regulars as Art’s corner. Reid is something of a fixture at the pub, indeed Asia Matczak who runs the pub said, ““He missed a couple of days last winter because of the weather, but usually, when it gets to around 3:30 and he’s not here, we’re like, ‘Where’s Arthur?’”

Reid is a social fellow and strikes up conversations with other imbibers as he sips his pint of Courage bitter from his own pint glass. “I’ve always worked hard and enjoyed visiting the pub,” Reid says modestly. “ I’ve never seen the need to go much further.”

True to his word, Reid has never wandered far from his home and birth place, Warmly. By his own account the furthest he has ever ventured is Weston-super-Mare, about 35 miles away. A world traveler, Reid is not. But, a welcome and warm character at the Griffin pub he certainly is.

Reid walks the main road of Warmly for his daily pint, waving and smiling along the way. Before his retirement, Reid worked as a council worker; quite an accomplishment for a man who left school at the age of 14 to go to work as a laborer at a nearby farm. Through the years he worked at a quarry and for the highway department as well.

“I’ve been coming here a long time,” Reid said. “And hope that I can carry on for some more years to come.”

So do we, Arthur. Cheers to you!

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Bold City Adding More Fun to Craft Beer Week

Our friends over at Bold City Brewing have an interesting and fun contest going on this weekend only. And, to make it even more fun, the reward is a free pint of Bold City Beer! How sweet is that?

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to your favorite local bar, pub, or restaurant that serves Bold City beer on tap.
2. Purchase a pint of delicious Bold City beer.
3. Have your photo taken in front of the tap with your Bold City beer in your hand.
4. Drink the beer.
5. Take the photo to Bold City Brewery during Tap Room hours through the end of the day Saturday, May 21.
6. Get a FREE pint of Bold City beer!

How easy is that?

Want to make this sweet deal even sweeter? Take five photos at five different places and the folks at Bold City will give you a free growler fill! Me likey!

Other things I hear from Bold City are that they are brewing a beer that they affectionately are calling “Left Overs.” Why Left Overs, you ask? Because Brian had a bunch of left over grain that needed to be used. So, he threw it all in the brewhouse and is making a beer out of it. He’s not sure what the exact style will be, but he is thinking it will be along the lines of a double IPA. Brian is also working on a top secret Rye Pale Ale that sounds quite intriguing. Watch for an announcement of a release party in the next few weeks.

And don’t forget, tonight is the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena. Tickets are $45 for VIP admission at 6:00 or $30 for General Admission at 7:00. There will be nearly 250 beers to try and food from 20 local restaurants. Look for the Springfield Brew Crew booth, stop in and say hello!

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The Perfect Guinness Pour

This was actually an article for St. Patty’s Day, but is it ever really too late to learn more about Guinness? I thought not.

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