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Exciting New Products Coming from Sam Adams

An exciting new collaboration was announced Monday, June 18 by Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Inc. (BMD) and Samuel Adams. In a press release the two beverage companies revealed their intention to use two Samuel Adams brews, distill them and release them as triple distilled whiskies. The two brews to get the whisky treatment will be Samuel Adams’ flagship Boston Lager and the newer c. Once distilled the whiskies will be wood barrel aged until ready sometime in 2015.

The brewer and distiller expect two very different whiskies to emerge from the lengthy and labor-intensive process of distilling. According to the press release, “The distilled Samuel Adams Boston Lager, noted for its upfront malt and earthy hop flavors, will then age for two years in vintage wooden bourbon barrels, generating a smooth whiskey with sweet fruity ester notes and a very slight bitterness.  The distilled Samuel Adams Cinder Bock, a fiery rauchbier/bock combination, will age for two years in wooden, oak barrels, some previously used for extreme beer, Samuel Adams Utopias®, producing a very rich, bold whiskey.”

Once the whisky is removed from the barrels, they will make their way to the Samuel Adams brewery where they will be used for a future, barrel-aged brew.

And, as if that is not enough beer from the grand-daddy of craft beer breweries, District Manager for the Boston Beer Company, Blake Skebe shared a few other upcoming treats.

Look for a new, refreshing summer brew dubbed Porch Rocker to quench your summer thirst. This German-style Radler is a lively mixture of Helles-style beer and German-style lemonade. The drink widely attributed to have been first concocted by the Munich gastronomer Franz Xaver Kugler in 1922.

Another new offering from Sam Adams is the IPA Hopology 12-pack that contains two of each IPA. Included in the convenient pack are: Latitude 48 IPA (an India pale ale), Third Voyage (a double IPA), Dark Depths (a Baltic IPA), Tasman Red (a red IPA), Whitewater IPA (a hybrid of an IPA and a witbier), and a brand-new beer called Grumpy Monk, a Belgian IPA.

Both Porch Rocker and the IPA Hopology 12-pack are available now in stores around the First Coast.

A little further down the road, Sam Adams has a few things for you to look forward to like New World Tripel, 13th Hour Stout, and Stony Brook Red – all sampled at the Samuel Adams tasting event at Total Wine last month – will be available in August. And last but not least, look for a couple of additions to the Angry Orchard Cider series of brews: Iceman and Strawman. Details are scarce on these right now, but watch for more details in the future.

With all of this going on at Sam Adams one might wonder how they have time to do anything else. But, be assured, there will be a lot more to come. The brewer intends to release as many as 85 new products this year and does not intend to slow down.

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Samuel Adams’ Beer Glass Explained

Samuel Adams (beer)

Samuel Adams (beer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday evening, a group of beer-lovers gathered at Pele’s Wood Fire in Riverside for the Samuel Adams Tap Takeover. While tasting some of the fantastic, surprising, and very rare brews, a question was posed: “Why is the Sam Adams glass so special?”

Fortunately, Blake Skebe, Samuel Adams Brewery representative, was there with an explanation. The distinctive Samuel Adams pint glass is narrow at the bottom and flairs out into a bowl-shaped top with a turned out lip. But, instead of relating the information to you in the written format, view the video for an explanation in Blake’s own words.


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American Craft Beer Week, Day 4

American Craft Beer Week is half over, but that does not mean that the events are slowing down. There are still plenty of great things to do and beers to taste. Here are the events for today.

Total Wine & More, 6:00 – 8:00 pm
Samuel Adams Portfolio Tasting

Total Wine in the St. John’s Town Center is a paradise to craft beer lovers. There you can wander aisle after aisle of craft beers and find something that is truly special. On Thursday you can also try some portfolio selections for Sam Adams that you might be hard pressed to find any other time.

Mellow Mushroom Southside, 4:30 – 6:30 pm
Sierra Nevada Tap Takeover

Another heavyweight of the craft beer world is taking over some of the almost 50 taps the Mushroom in Tinseltown. Expect to find some truly awesome brews like Bigfoot and Kellerweiss along with many others.

The Monkey’s Uncle Tavern, time TBD
Beer Dinner

Details are still being worked out for this event, but you can bet it will awesome. Get your tickets at the Uncle and prepare yourself!


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American Craft Beer Week Jacksonville, day 3

American Craft Beer Week here in Jacksonville has reached the halfway point but is not showing any sign of slowing. Check out the great events planned for tonight below.

Mellow Mushroom Fleming Island, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Abita Brewing Company Tap Takeover

The Mellow Mushroom restaurants here in Jacksonville have made an all-out effort to educate their guests on the joys of craft beer and they are making a big difference. On Wednesday they are teaming up with the folks from Abita Brewing Company out of Louisiana to let you try the beers of New Orleans and Bourbon Street.

Pele’s Wood Fire, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.
Samuel Adams Tap Takeover

Many may think that Sam Adams’ only brew is Boston Lager, they would be wrong! Come by Pele’s and try the many other brews from Sam Adams and you will understand why they are one of the leaders in the craft beer industry.

Engine 15 Brewing Company, 4:00 – 7:00 p.m.
Southwest Beers Theme

Stop in to the Engine and sample brews from the portfolio of Brown Distribution with a southwest theme.

Mellow Mushroom, Jacksonville Beach, 7:00 p.m. – close
Cigar City Brewing Tap Takeover

The little brewery from Tampa is taking over the taps at the ‘Shroom with favorites like Jai Alai, Maduro (paired with a Cuban sandwich pizza in honor of Tampa being named the origination city of Cuban sandwich), Winter Warmer, a surprise tap, and some CCB big bottles.

Brewer’s Pizza, all day
Pinglehead Brewing Specials Brews

Brewer’s continues to feature several special brews on tap all week to commemorate American Craft Beer Week. Included in those special brews is Ambitious Monk aged on Oak Whiskey Chips (this one’s been in the works for months), along with a very special run of Moon Dance, three different Tribal Rite Pepper Porters, Mint Black hOPs, and Strawberry Le Rouge. Hurry in and try these great special brews.

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Sam Adams new seasonal beers perfect for hot months ahead |

Samuel Adams (beer)

Image via Wikipedia

The guys over at Amber Waves just posted the blog entry linked below about the new Sam Adams Summer Styles 12-pack coming to Jacksonville stores in the next week or so. The 12-pack comes with a variety of great beers including a Saison called Rustic Saison and a Kölsch named East-West Kölsch.

I have tried the Saison myself and mentioned it in a previous blog post here (see what I had to say below the link). It is, indeed, a beer worth drinking. I look forward to getting ahold of the Kölsch . When I do, I will certainly report back my thoughts.

Summer is such a great time for tasty beers!

Read the entire Amber Waves post here:

Sam Adams new seasonal beers perfect for hot months ahead |

Samuel Adams Rustic Saison

Straw yellow with a slight reddish tint, this beer forms a thin head which dissipates quickly but still leaves nice lacing on the glass. Spice and wheat strike you first when you sniff this beer and the flavor follows suit. There is a bitter after-taste to this brew, but that is certainly not a deterent.

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