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Community First Saturdays begin Oct. 6 with appearance by Jax Beer Guy

Join the Springfield Brew Crew and The Jax Beer guy at the inaugural Community First Saturday Downtown October 6. Join us for some traditional Oktoberfest games and contests like pretzel tossing, stein racing, and yodeling. There will also be a best lederhosen and dirndl contest. So dress the part of a German and get on downtown for some German-style fun!

The event’s press release reads:

Community First Saturday is a new monthly project to activate our beautiful River and Riverwalk, tie into events and activities Downtown, create family and fitness content that compels our community to gather on the St. Johns River, and simply enjoy our sometimes underrated quality of life in Jacksonville.

There are two central locations of Community First Saturdays.

One is on the Riverwalk behind the Times Union Center (between the two green gazebos at the south ends of Hogan and Pearl Sts). This space, dubbed Community West, will feature family friendly interactive activities, fitness classes, and excursion ideas and tours of our vibrant Downtown. Linking the biggest weekly outdoor cultural event in Florida (Riverside Arts Market) with the Riverwalk and Downtown is a priority of CFS so you’ll see many linkages both physical and programmatic. There is too much to mention in this space but there will be things like free Wi-Fi, bike valet, and we’ve got the JTA Skyway running! Kids can now enjoy our special Community First Saturday Skyway service! It’s free and connects to awesome Downtown destinations like Friendship Fountain, MOSH, MOCA Jax, and our excellent Downtown library!

The other Community First Saturdays location is Community East, which will be in the old courthouse parking lot. This space will be where we feature Food vendors/Trucks, a bar, DJs, and café tables and chairs and umbrellas on the Riverwalk. Community East is a natural cap to the east end of the Riverwalk, and will be more about lounging, socializing, and gathering and making/meeting friends.

Community First Saturdays is expected to be robust with good crowds each month that will grow as the event becomes more mature. Please join the event’s Facebook at and follow us at

Activities and schedules will be announced on the group’s  blog

Be sure to check out the ALL NEW Jax Beer Guy website for beer news, educational and recreational activities, photos, and schwag.

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Intuition “I Know Jax” TV Interview Now Online

A couple of months ago the great folks at Intuition let me know that a film crew would be in to interview Ben and the staff for a new magazine-style TV show to be aired on the CW network on Saturday nights. They also mentioned that they wanted to interview several of the regulars to get our take on the place. Well, being the advocate I am for one of my favorite local breweries, I made the supreme sacrifice to drink beer on camera as I was interviewed about Intuition. It was the least I could do!

The segment is meaty and provides Ben and Brian of the brewery plenty of time to talk about their plans for the future and favorite brews. The segment also allowed Brian Duffe a good deal of time to talk about his favorite beers at Intuition and his experiences there. They also interviewed me and even tagged the Brew Crew under my name. Cool stuff!

See the entire episode (the Intuition segment is the first of the episode) here:

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More American Craft Beer Week Events

Tonight there are several great events for your American Craft Beer Week beer drinking pleasure. For those of you who live at the beach, Engine 15 is pairing some awesome food with truly outstanding beers. Mug Club members at Intuition Ale Works are invited to a special preview of the new beers Ben and Andrew have brewed up for the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival. And the Mellow Mushroom in Tinseltown has an exciting vertical tasting of Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot.

Engine 15
1500 Beach Blvd. #217
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Engine 15 has established itself at the beach as the place to go for an awe-inspiring selection of great craft beers and excellent food to go with it. This week their chef has created some special dishes to pair with some very special brews. On the menu tonight, for only $8 is:

Shrimp Scampi over Linguine with Arugula
Paired with Saint Somewhere Saison Athene (10oz)

Join them tonight for this delicious pairing!

Mellow Mushroom – Tinseltown
9734 Deer Lake Ct
Jacksonville, FL 32246

Beer and pizza, is there any better combination? I think not! In the beer community, the ‘Shroom has become legend. Not only do they quality beers on tap, but the regularly hold special event evenings focusing on specific breweries. For American Craft Beer Week they are highlighting one of the original brewers of the craft beer movement — Sierra Nevada.
Tonight you have a unique opportunity to taste one of Sierra Nevada’s greatest accomplishments — Bigfoot — as a vertical tasting. What does this mean exactly. Well, you will be able to taste several years worth of this tasty brew side-by-side so you can enjoy the nuances and subtle changes in taste that this beer has as it ages!
Get to this one early so that you are sure to get in on this one-of-a-kind tasting!
Intuition Ale Works
720 King Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204
Tonight Brewmaster Ben Davis unveils two new brews he created especially for American Craft Beer Week and the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Fest. But, you have to be a Mug Club member to get it! That’s just one of the many great perks to being in that hallowed and prestigious club.
Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how they are. And you can always come to the Fest on Friday and try it for yourself.
First two people who find me at one of these events tonight will be showered with fabulous prizes — OK, more like t-shirts and assorted other beer schwag! But, that’s still good, right?

And don’t forget to get your tickets for and attend the Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival this Friday at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena. There will be food, entertainment, and LOTS of beer tasting. Tickets are $45 for VIP admission at 6:00 PM or $30 for General admission at 7:00.


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American Craft Beer Week — Tonight’s Event

To kick off American Craft Beer Week, what better place could there be than Kickback’s in Avondale. Steve Flores owner of the neighborhood watering hole has amassed an amazing number of taps that are always attached to kegs of amazing beers.

Kickback’s Gastropub
910 King Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

5:00 PM until Whenever

Sample beers from Jacksonville’s largest selection of draught brews – 84 to be exact. If you are looking for something good to drink and can’t find it here, you just aren’t trying. The available beers are constantly changing, so there is always something new to try. Come by for prizes and fun with Team Hopheads and the gang at Kickback’s.

First two people who find me will be showered with fabulous prizes — OK, more like t-shirts and assorted other beer schwag! But, that’s still good, right?

And don’t forget to get your tickets for and attend the Jacksonville Craft & Import Beer Festival this Friday at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena. There will be food, entertainment, and LOTS of beer tasting. Tickets are $45 for VIP admission at 6:00 PM or $30 for General admission at 7:00.


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This Saturday — Springfield Brew Crew Event & Benefit for Relay for Life

official logo of the American Cancer Society R...

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It was 4:00 a.m. in the tiny Midwestern suburb, the air was cool and still outside when a siren pierced the silence. The young boy woke to the sound of the siren wailing. During his short life he had learned to tell the difference between a police siren and a fire truck siren. The siren he heard that night definitely came from a fire truck. The boy knew his father was on duty that night and on his way to another fire or accident. He knew that that meant his father was in danger again.

I was that young boy over 40 years ago. I was the son of a firefighter. Last week I told you about how my father was a very deep man; a man who held out hope that the family he was leaving would carry on. Today I want to tell you about the hero that he was.

There are still nights when I am awakened by the sound of a distant siren and reminded of how I felt as the son of a firefighter. Often, as a child, I would lie awake after hearing that siren and wonder if my father would walk through the door in the morning when his shift ended. Horrible scenarios would run through my mind of my father trapped in a burning building, his crew desperately trying to get to him before the roof collapsed. Or my mind would insist that an explosion had occurred and my father was caught in the debris field, forever lost in a rain of sharp metal and burning cinders. I was plagued by images more terrifying than any child should have to imagine of Hell-like landscapes, my father in the center of them. But, every morning at 6:15 my father would walk through the front door as I prepared for school, sometimes still sooty from a fire the evening before. He’d smile at me and tousle my hair before kissing my mother and heading for a shower.

He took his work seriously. In his 20-year career as a firefighter he saved countless lives, helped deliver babies, fought merciless infernos, and even saved a cat or two. He left home every morning with full knowledge that it could be his last seeing his family, that any day any day on the job could bring an end to him. He understood and accepted the risks of his job because he existed to serve his fellow man. He was selfless, dedicated, and courageous. He saw no distinctions between color, age, social status, or political affiliation. If you were in danger or need, he would risk his life to help you.

My father never backed-down from a fire, never wavered in his resolve to preserve life and property from the ravenous beast that a fire can be. He plunged headlong into his job always believing he was making a difference, that the life he saved that day would enrich the world in some way. In the end, by doing what he did, he enriched the world. But, even this heroic man could not defeat the horrendous monster that took him. He deserved better.

I am the son of a fallen hero. He was a firefighter, a husband, and a father. He was violently taken from us 30 years ago by a foe even he could not fight: cancer. He was, and will forever remain, my personal hero.

This Saturday, May 14th from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM you have an opportunity to revere the memory of this man with me. Intuition Ale Works is generously donating $1 from every beer sold at the May Springfield Brew Crew event to the Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. The event will be a celebration of my birthday which I shared with my father. We will laugh, drink great beer, enjoy each other’s fellowship and friendship, and remember.

I hope you will join us at:

Intuition Ale Works
720 King Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

If you cannot make the event, I hope you will consider making a donation to the Relay for Life. You may do so at the Springfield Brew Crew website – – just click the donation link on the home page.


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Are You a Beer Snob?

A wreath Kolsch Beer - LA Times of Kölsch.

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Beer, like wine, has its share of snobs. People like myself who enjoy beer for the complex flavors it offers and not just as a means to a drunken end. Beer snobs talk about beer in mystical terms, terms that describe the aroma, the taste, and the alcohol content of a particular brew. They wax poetic about the influences a brewer may have had for brewing a certain style of beer. They get into deep conversations about the virtues of Belgian beers as opposed to German. Each has his or her own favorite style (mine happens to be Belgian blonds at the moment). And each is more than willing to tell you all about why they liek that particular style.

But, another thing you should know about these beer snobs is that they began their beer journey in much the same way as anyone — buying the major brands. One day they are introduced to the pleasures to be had with craft beers and buy a six-pack or had a pint at a local pub. Suddenly their eyes are opened to this new and wonderful world. A world in which flavor actually existed.

Becoming a beer snob sneaks up on you sometimes. One minute you are perfectly happy drinking an MGD and the next someone puts a pint of a hoppy pale ale in front of you and you are hooked. You begin to seek out more interesting beers and begin crawling the pubs of your town for taps of Rogue, Flying Dog, and Dogfish Head. Slowly you feel yourself changing. Coors no longer holds your interest, you drop it like an infatuation and begin to stalk your true love. You realize, as you are prowling the beer aisle of your local grocery store, looking for Abita beer that you have become a beer snob.

Good beer is an obesession. It gets under your skin and pushes you to try new concoctions. Some go the purest route, only looking for beers made using traditional methods and ingredients. Others look for the more unique brews created by the avant garde brewers of the craft scene. But all agree that beer, in its many forms and style, is good.

In this, the beer festival season, will you become a beer snob? It is the goal of the Springfield Brew Crew to introduce you to as many new beers as we can. So, the question of whether you will become a beer snob, for us, should always be answered, yes!

In the next few weeks, as we get closer to the Jacksonville Craft and Import Beer Festival, May 20 at the Jacksonville Memorial Arena, we will talk more aboout how to taste and appreciate new beers. In other words, we are going to try to turn you into a beer snob.

Until next time.

Long Live the Brewers!


Marc Wisdom


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Happy Festivus

Sometimes a concept is just so good you have to admire the twisted minds that came up with it. Such is the case for Festivus, a fictional holiday created by the talented minds who wrote the old Seinfeld television program and now celebrated by millions on the day before the day before Christmas.

I won’t ruin the fun of discovering this holiday by giving away it’s secrets here. But, I will point you towards one of many websites dedicated to the holiday.

In honor of this holiday, the Springfield Brew Crew is meeting at Intuition Ale Works for drinks and merriment.

Come join us tonight at 5:30!

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