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Beer a star at Epcot Food & Wine Festival

FWbeer2010Every fall the folks at Disney World throw a huge food and wine festival that, over the past few years, has been adding more and more quality beers to its offerings. The list of brews to be served and the locations you can find them is now out. So, before you go, check out what you expect to find right here.


This marketplace celebrates all that comes from the earth. Only products that come fropm the soil are sold here. Think vegetarian and vegan fair. Wash it down with Napa Smith Organic IPA


Known for their outstanding beers, the Belgian Marketplace will feature several brews you may want to try as you munch a tasty waffle. Look for Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, and Leffe Blonde or Brune.


Exotic and exciting, look for seared scallops or crispy pork belly in this marketplace. The drink of choice for beer lovers here is Cervearias Kaiser Xingu Black Beer.

Brewer’s Collection

Located near the Germany Pavilion, this beir garten will feature tasty brews from one of Europe’s great beer nations. The list includes:

  • Schöfferhofer Grapefruit
  • Radeberger Pilsner
  • Altenmünster Oktoberfest
  • BraufactuM Palor
  • BraufactuM Roog Smoked Wheat Beer
  • Warsteiner Premium Verum
  • BraufactuM Darkon
  • Warsteiner Premium Dunkel 


A land of many flavors, China pairs their offerings with a traditional Chinese beer Tsing Tao.

Craft Beer Marketplace

A staple of the festival for several years now, the Craft Beer Marketplace features several interesting brews to quench the thirst of beer lovers attending the event including:

  • Dogfish Head Brewery, Namaste
  • Abita Brewing Company, Fall Fest
  • Leinenkugel’s Seasonal Shandy, (Summer Shandy/Orange Shandy)
  • Florida Beer Company, Devil’s Triangle
  • New Belgium Brewing Company, Fat Tire
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing, Alchemy Ale
  • Red Hook, Audible Ale
  • Sierra Nevada, Torpedo Extra IPA 

Desserts & Champagne

This year event planners have added a great choice to the drink offerings with the desserts, Pyramid Weiss Cream Beer. Try this delightful beer with the chocolate orange cupcake for a real sweet treat.

Florida Local

The Sunshine State is home to several outstanding breweries, two of them are featured in this market place: Cigar City Brewing Company and Orlando Brewing Company. Try Florida Cracker Belgian-Style White Ale from Cigar City and Sun Shade Organic Pale Ale from Orland Brewing.


Not really a country known for beer, France never-the-less produces a few gems. One of those, Kronenbourg Blanc, will be served at this year’s event along with escargot and crème brulee.


In addition to the nearby beir garten, the Germany Pavilion will feature Altenmunster Oktoberfest and BraufactuM Darkon to quaff along with brats on pretzel rolls.


The Aloha State is known for Kalua pork sliders and tuna poke, this year wash these great eats down with Kona Brewing Company’s Big Wave Golden Ale or Pipeline Porter.

Hops & Barley

When you think of beer in the Northeastern United States, you cannot escape the siren song of Samuel Adams. In this marketplace munch tasty lobster rolls with Boston Lager, Octoberfest, or Cherry Wheat.


Do we really have to tell which beer will be featured here? OK, just for the record; its Guinness.


Ravioli and cannoli can be found at the Italy Markeplace, along with Moretti beer.


Roll on into this marketplace for fresh sushi and Sapporo beer.


The heavyweight brew in Mexico is Dos Equis, but there are rumors there may be more surprises. Keep an eye out for more information.


Drink a cold Casa while watching the belly dancers. Just be careful the wife does not catch on to why you keep going back for more beer.

The Outpost

An African flair describes this area. Try a BGI Brewery St. George beer as you pound the jungle drums.


Kielbasa and pirogues are in store for you here, along with cold Okocim O.K. beer.


Making its debut this year the Scottish Marketplace will offer seared salmon and Inis & Gunn Original Ale.


Tiger beer goes great with lemongrass chicken curry, fortunately that is what is being served at this exotic marketplace.

In addition to the special beers brought in for this event, you can expect to find a full complement of the brews normally stocked at the various restaurants throughout the World Showplace. Just remember, the world cannot be conqured in a day. You may need a couple to try all the fantastic flavors the festival has to offer.

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival runs from September 27 through November 11. A ticket to Epcot is required to participate in all tastings. Tastings are not included in the ticket price.


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Adele, Ferrell Making Beer News

English: Adele

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While perusing the headlines of the beer world today I came across a couple of interesting tidbits regarding celebrities and our favorite beverage. One of the stories displays the inflated ego that some stars acquire after making it big while the other shows that even the biggest of stars can sometimes surprise us.

British soul singer Adele, whose North American tour was cancelled due to her recent surgery, had some interesting demands on a part of her contract known as the “Rider.” Riders list things that performers want backstage or in their dressing rooms. Some of the more outrageous requests include a bowl of M&M’s with all the brown ones removed for Van Halen and white flowers, white furniture, white curtains, and Cuban food for Jennifer Lopez.

Adele’s Rider, discovered by website The Smoking Gun, demands two bottles of the “very best red wine” a pack of Marlboro Lights and a disposable lighter. It goes on the mandate a plate of sandwiches – including chicken salad – but they were not to contain “tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit.” But, perhaps the most egregious directive was that the singer required 12 bottles of “best quality European lager beer. ie Becks, Stella Artois, Peroni etc.” And if promotion staff had any confusion about her brew needs, Adele adds, “North American beer is NOT acceptable.”

Apparently Adele has not gotten the word that some of the best craft beers in the world are produced right here in the United States. And form the looks of her Rider, she may never know.

English: Will Ferrell in Los Angeles, California.

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In a move that has many people in the advertising world scratching their heads, A-list comedian and movie star Will Ferrell approached Pabst Brewing Company with a request to produce several TV spots starring him for their Old Milwaukee brand beer. If that wasn’t odd enough, he wants the spots to appear in the Davenport, Iowa market only and he did them for free!

Speculation is that the actor is using the spots as part of a viral marketing campaign for some as yet unknown movie. But, no one really knows for sure. What is sure is that the spots are hilarious and Ferrell is still on top of his comedic game. Check out several of the videos below.


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Epcot German Beers a Big Hit

This past weekend I helped celebrate the birthday of one of my most dear friends at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival. This annual event has been going on for 16 years and has just gotten bigger and better each year. But, don’t let the name fool you, wine is not the only adult beverage featured at the festival; there is also a significant amount of beer from around the world available.

If you have never been to Epcot, let me give you a brief overview. The original concept of the park was for it to be a self-sustaining community in which people worked, lived, and played. However, after the death of Walt Disney, the plans changed to a more theme-park approach. The park is broken into two main areas; Future World, which contains pavilions dedicated to Space, Energy, The Seas, The Land, Imagination, and Test Track. The second section of the park is the World Showcase with pavilions themed to specific countries like Mexico, China, Norway, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, England, and Canada. It is in the World Showcase that the Food & Wine Festival is held. During this festival, other countries are represented through food and drink as well as the permanent countries.

I met my friends at 11:00 near the giant geodesic ball called Spaceship Earth in the Future World section of the park. We checked the festival guide and made our strategy for the day, deciding to attack the World Showcase starting on the Mexican side of the lagoon. The Mexican pavilion was serving Dos Equis beers, nothing spectacular, so we moved on. It was early enough in the day that the throngs of crowds had not arrived yet and we were able to stroll in a leisurely fashion from country to country. A stop was made in China for some Salt and Pepper Shrimp on Sichuan Noodles and Pork Pot Stickers. China was serving Tsing Tau beer, but I passed knowing that ahead lay the Germany pavilion and it’s Bier Garten.

We stopped at Germany and decided it was time for a few beers. The Bier Garten was sponsored by the Radeberger Gruppe, a German beer company whose goal is to maintain the traditions of German beer-making by allowing breweries to remain autonomous in their regions. This is in stark contrast to many beer conglomerates who outsource brews to the least expensive producers or opt to change traditions by using cheap ingredients. Radeberger Gruppe sees itself as a guardian of authentic German beer culture and holds the traditions of the past in the highest of esteem.

Eight beers were on offer and I first opted for the three-beer flight of Sion Kolsch, Hovels, Braufactum Roog.

As any true Kolsch should be, Sion is brewed in Cologne and because of that it is legally protected to be able to use the term Kolsch. Sion uses pale barley and wheat malts to produce a very pleasant and interesting flavor. The nose presents sweet malts and subtle hops while the texture is crisp with a pleasant fruity flavor that gives way to biscuit malts and a slight hop finish.

Braufactum Roog is a Smoked Wheat Ale that combines the flavors of a wheat ale with the smokiness of malts that have been roasted over beechwood. Not quite as smoky as a rauchbier, but the smokiness is readily apparent in its aroma. The brew pours a deep reddish-brown and rewards the taster with a smoky, almost meaty flavor with juniper and orange zest, as well as hints of banana.

Hovels is a unique beer that defies categorization. It is a top-fermented beer brewed at Hovels Hausbrauerei in Dortmund, Germany from a recipe developed in 1893. This beer pours amber red with strong citrus aromas and caramel malts. The flavor is reminiscent of caramel, bread, and dark raisins with a semi-dry finish.

After the sampler I also wanted to try the Schofferhofer Weizen a relatively new beer first produced in 1978. This tasty brew has won many awards and is often referred as the champagne among wheat beers. As a true German Hefeweizen Schofferhofer pours pale and hazy with a sweet floral aroma. The flavor is what you would expect from a hefeweizen and is rich in yeast, clove and slight lemon zest.

Finally, after hitting a few more food stands, we returned to Germany to try the Braufactum Indra, a German IPA made with wheat as well as barley malts while still adhering to the German Purity Law of 1516. This excellent brew is dark orange in color and greets you with pleasing aromas of banana and cloves as well as earthy notes. The flavor is honey, blood orange, and herbs with the bitterness typical of an IPA.

Other beers that were available at the festival were more typical of the countries they were served in. The Belgian tent was serving Stella Artois, Hoegarten, and Leffe. The Moroccan pavilion had Casa. And Italy had Moretti. England was serving the usual Guinness, Bodingtons, Bass, and Harp while Canada was serving Moosehead. There was also a Craft Beer tent serving a selection of beer like Abita Purple Haze and Blue Moon.

The Epcot Food & Wine Festival concludes for this year next weekend, so if you want to drink around the world, I suggest you head to Orlando this weekend.

Until next time,

Long Live the Brewers!


Marc Wisdom

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Tradition, Who Needs Tradition? Not In-Bev

Be afraid, be very afraid. You’ve seen my article about Belgium in which I talk about Hoegaarden beer. Well, those great folks at In-Bev — who own Hoegaarden — have taken a good thing and turned it evil. Not just a little evil, mind you, but very, very evil. Not only have the taken the name of a perfectly good beer and attached it to something that I would not serve to my worst enemy, but they have removed all the alcohol from it. Yes, I give you Hoegaarden 0.0.

The geniuses at the world’s largest adult beverage conglomerate have now produced a lemon-flavored drink that, in the words on a Wall Street Journal reporter tasted like, “…watered-down lemon Fanta.” I guess my question is why? Why take an established, respected brand and bastardize it by attaching its name to this unholy creation? This is akin to the other creation written about in the blogosphere this week called Cidre with the Stella Artois name attached to it.

I just don’t get why a company would risk alienating its customers by attaching a respected, traditional brand name to an obviously trendy and gimicky one. Knock it off already!

Read the full WSJ story about 0.0 here:

Read The Sun’s article about Cidre here:

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