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Brit celebrates 72 years of pints at same pub

If ever there was a beer lover of beer lovers, Arthur Reid is just that. Reid, now 90 years old, has been taking his daily pints of bitter at the same pub for over 72 years. By some estimation, he has drunk over 30,000 pints of brew at his favorite pub, The Griffin on London Road in the tiny village of Warmly, UK about 115 miles west of London.

On the occasion of his birthday recently, Reid’s sister Margaret Lee-Sze-Tsiok, 65, installed a gold engraved plaque on the back of his favorite chair tucked into what is known to other regulars as Art’s corner. Reid is something of a fixture at the pub, indeed Asia Matczak who runs the pub said, ““He missed a couple of days last winter because of the weather, but usually, when it gets to around 3:30 and he’s not here, we’re like, ‘Where’s Arthur?’”

Reid is a social fellow and strikes up conversations with other imbibers as he sips his pint of Courage bitter from his own pint glass. “I’ve always worked hard and enjoyed visiting the pub,” Reid says modestly. “ I’ve never seen the need to go much further.”

True to his word, Reid has never wandered far from his home and birth place, Warmly. By his own account the furthest he has ever ventured is Weston-super-Mare, about 35 miles away. A world traveler, Reid is not. But, a welcome and warm character at the Griffin pub he certainly is.

Reid walks the main road of Warmly for his daily pint, waving and smiling along the way. Before his retirement, Reid worked as a council worker; quite an accomplishment for a man who left school at the age of 14 to go to work as a laborer at a nearby farm. Through the years he worked at a quarry and for the highway department as well.

“I’ve been coming here a long time,” Reid said. “And hope that I can carry on for some more years to come.”

So do we, Arthur. Cheers to you!

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