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Zombie-themed brews to keep the walking dead at bay

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead (Photo credit: andres musta)

America has a fascination with zombies. They are on our television and movie screens in such memorable show as The Walking Dead and movies like Zombieland as well as part of the current vernacular. Surely you have heard someone talking about the coming Zombie Apocalypse. With the third season premiere of The Walking Dead last  Sunday night, Oct. 14, and Halloween coming in just  a little over a week, it seems a good time to talk about zombie-related brews.A few notable brews spring to mind:

The evil geniuses at Three Floyds Brewing Company have concocted a brew that goes by the name Zombie Dust in conjunction with a few friends in the comic book industry. The result is a potion with intense floral and tropical fruit notes on the nose and pronounced yet somehow restrained bitter hops on the palate. One reviewer on the beer rating site, described the beer as, “… APA (American Pale Ale) category demolition right here. Forget about topping this ever.”

Another interesting zombie-themed brew is Epic Brewing Company’s Epic Hop Zombie. Described on as a, “Stunning IPS, [with] pure and unadulterated hop aroma,” this brew is a monster of a beer. At its original brewing, the masters at Epic used a top secret hop to provide the hop kick this beer displays. Unfortunately, they also used all of them, so thirsty hop and zombie heads thought they would have to do without the gut-wrencher until 2013.  But, the resourceful folks at Epic found a small supply and succeeded in resurrecting the brew for a release this past summer. Watch for more of this epic brew (see what I did there?) next year.

Though technically not beer, mead is making a comeback of sorts and is often considered to be in the same family as beer. That said B. Nektar Zombie Killer Mead is an excellent choice if you are looking for a refreshing change of pace. This award winning brew of apple cider, honey, and tart cherry juice will wake up your taste buds and leave you wanting more. This brew is described by a reviewer on as, “Flavor is exceptionally well balanced; lightly sweet, lightly tart, peach jam, white zin, cherry, honey, golden raisin, watermelon, apple juice. Dangerously drinkable, mostly dry.”

So, before the Zombiepocalyze or looming end of times, grab a few zombie-style brews to ward of the walking dead and keep the home fires burning.

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